Freightliner Agrosy Glider Kit

    2014 US Trucking News – 2015 Freightliner Argosy Glider Kit The Freightliner Agrosy was more than just an evolution. It was grand, and defied all the trade-offs that were traditionally associated with the cabover design. The Agrosy was a nimble performer around intersections and loading docks. The Freightliner has not introduced the Argosy for several years. But now, fans of the vehicle can purchase the 2015 Argosy glider kit. Its performance includes a 50-degree wheel cut, and a 40-inch mid axle setting located for ideal weight transfer. This truck is also great for tight spots. Cabovers are known for providing great visibility. The 2015 Argosy offers a wide windshield, accompanied with a high and wide cab design and no engine tunnel obstruction. A high and wide cab design means that there is no engine tunnel obstructing driver room and comfort. The Argosy gives the driver an unobstructed view. Freightliner trucks has stated that for the first time, a tight-turning radius is available without the need of an awkward and arduous cab entry.


The Argosy offers the same 40 safety features that drivers have come to expect from Freightliner. The company has stated that on the highway, or on the jobsite, drivers usually spend a lot of time in their trucks. With its ergonomically designed driving environments and innovative engineering advancements, including a foot-actuated tilt, a telescoping steering column, and high-tech thermal and sonic insulation, Freightliner has optimized safety and comfort features. Freightliner Trucks’ Enhanced Stability Control also improves vehicle handling and control. Freightliner also says that a comfortable driver is also a productive driver. The Argosy’s design offers a wide, airy feeling. Cabovers also give extra cab width. The Argosy also offers stand-up headroom in its 110-inch Raised Roof model. Each Glider is backed by a Freightliner or a Western Star’s Warranty. This includes a year or 100,000 miles on the basic vehicle, including 100% parts and labor, Freightline 3 years or 300,000 miles on the cab structure, Western Star 5 years or unlimited miles on the cab structure, and 6 years or 750,000 miles on the frame and cross members. Extended service coverage is also available for further protection, as well as added peace of mind.


With more than 4- Freightliner safety features that are available to enhance the safety of drivers and everyone else on the road, Argosy has set the standards of truck safety, technology, and innovation. And for the first time, the extra cab width that is typical of cab over-designs really does look and feel like it has more room. Its interior is open and airy, and exposes considerably more room than expected in the Mid-Roof models. The Kenworth Truck Company has also released glider kits different models, in order to help owners who want to bring their old trucks back to new status. These kits, which are available for the T660, T880 (with a split fender configuration), and W900L models, are designed to be paired up with the customer-supplied EPA 2004 engines, and their matching transmissions. Kenworth says that all sleeper sizes are available, and customers can also specify the kits directly from the company.


argosy glider kit

argosy glider kit




  1. I know that red Argosy in the pic! I got pics of it from Huntingdon Quebec truck and tractor pull. Guy spent like 8 years building it, 4 turbos I think, street legal. He comes down the track, past the full pull mark, gets to the trailers set up for run away safety, and then turns left and revs back up!! Guy did a helluva job building it. No smoke either for the HP.

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