Gonzotrucker Around the world in a truck.

Basic Idea for the show.

This is my idea for a reality show based around me driving a truck around the world. The premise of the show is I will drive trucks in many countries around the world hauling freight to pay for my trip.



Format for my show.

I will travel around the world working as a truck driver. During the show I will face many different challenges. I will work in countries such as England driving a lorry truck delivering freight to different locals in and around London in order to earn enough money to pay my passage to France. When I arrive in France I will need to get another truck driving job to pay my way to Germany. This way I will work for my passage around the world as a truck driver. I will endure all of the hardships of a truck driver in the country I happen to be working in at time.

During my adventure I will learn what  it’s  like to be a truck driver all over the world. I will meet many colorful  people, and experience the culture. The whole time I will be working earning a living while making my way across the world as a Truck Driver.

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