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Me at work trucker

Me at work trucker

Who is GonzoTrucker

I was born in Indiana in 1976 the son of a farmer.  “I learned how to be a truck driver at the age of 15” , delivering hay on a flatbed to other farms in the Midwest.    Sometimes I would haul grain, and high grade horse feed to Kentucky. I did this until the age of 21 when I got my CDL license.  I studied for the CDl exam test, then took the road test in an early 80s model Cabover we used for the farm.



This was the first truck I ever drove on the farm.  It failed the inspection test three time’s before the old truck passed inspection.  My father was not happy spending all that money to fix it up , just for me to take a test.  But I wanted to work with my brother in law driving a team flatbed over the road coast to coast.  So after the truck passed inspection I took the road test, and passed the very first time.  Then I went to work right away eighteen days after my twenty first birthday.

We drove team over the road for a small company out of Michigan, we hauled everything from hay to farms,  roofing shingles to Texas,  internet cable back to Minnesota.  Sometimes we hauled very long hauls across the country to places like, California, Arizona, and Washington state.  We even hauled an oversize load to Alaska one time up the Alaska/Canada highway “That was a cool drive.”  After doing this for six months I got my first solo truck a real nice Peterbuilt, then went solo for the first time.  I drove solo for this company another six month’s for a total of 1 year,  I earned $42,000  for my first year of driving a truck! I Thought I was rich earning that much as a twenty one year old kid.






I quit that company because a small company like them had no holiday support team, I was on my way home during the Christmas holiday, and ran out of fuel.  I could not get them on the phone to get a com check for diesel fuel. So I had to pay out of my own pocket.  That’s when I quit,  and went to work for M.S Carriers hauling a van trailer (for the first time) northeast regional.

I hauled all types of freight in the northeastern united states.  I loved it New York City two times a month, and all over the I 95 corridor. I was with them for five year’s, and my average yearly”Truck Driver Salary” was $ 48,000, and one year I earned $54,000.



Swift Trucking Comp. Took over M.S. Carrier  then I went to work for Schneider National for only two months  driving a Cabover.  Next I went to work for J.B Hunt driving Midwest regional dedicated Wal-Mart fleet.  We hauled Wal-Mart freight from the distribution center to another distribution center,  all drop and hook.  So a fast turn around grab the next load!  Good money can be made doing this lot’s of miles with no dead time.  But  after 1 year we were under bid for the account by US Express so we lost that account.

I stayed with J.B Hunt hauling Rail Yard Containers out of Chicago for three year’s.  I made really good money doing this,  I learned the dispatcher’s name,  and his office location!!  So every time I was in Chicago I would bring him a subway sandwich, and ask any good loads today?  “He always gave me the best load’s.”  Next I met my wife, and her family was from Arizona so we moved there, and I transferred to J.B Hunt southwest regional fleet.




“They had no openings for dedicated driver’s or container hauler’s.  But they kept sending me into Los Angeles doing short local runs all weekend!!!   So I had to quit no choice not making enough money with them at this point.  If I can’t earn over $50,000 a year I’m not working for that company anymore.  If you have been reading my website you know I’m all about making “Big Truck Driver Salary”,  and you can’t do that hauling short loads as an over the road truck driver.  So I got a load back to phoenix, and gave my two week notice, then took some time off to weigh my options.

I was checking the local want add’s around Christmas time, and one add grabbed my eye Private Fleet needs seasonal Truck Driver’s!  This was the opportunity I was looking for so I took the job, as seasonal only hauling freight locally here in Arizona, and sometimes to Las Vegas. I made good friends with the boss’s wife they were from South Dakota, and also grew up on a farm like me.  After the holiday season the boss decided to keep only four Truck Driver’s out of thirty, and I was one of them!  Now I’ve been with them sense 2004  hauling local Private Fleet Freight here in Arizona only,  Home every night, and weekend with holiday’s off!!  My  yearly income  is $55,000  I work only  38 hours a week.  This is my dream job local ltl freight that pays really good.


In 2010 I decided to start this website to help people who wish to become a truck driver. Or current truck driver earn more money. I wish to teach, and pass on my knowledge to a younger generation of truckers.


My Personal email lanceringler1976@gmail.com


  1. This is great article for some who wants to be a truck driver. You have got a lot of nice idea. Hope someone will land or find your great articles.

  2. Your site is a real eye opener. We tend to forget how pivotal the trucking industry is to our culture. Why even the C.B. radios pioneered by truckers were the precursors to today’s cell phones and internet. And doesn’t just about everybody call their S.U.V. ‘my truck’? Is there still a great truck stop in central pennsylvania known as Zimm’s? Thanks for the look inside this interesting world.

  3. Not sure about zimms’s i know where it is i just have not been back there in years. Maybe another driver knows, and can comment? Thanks filipinaaz everything in this world is shipped at some point by truck.

  4. semi angel says:

    with all these rules and regulation now can u still make money

  5. Bryan Wyatt says:

    Just read your website and your “about me” have to say very impressed. You have included on your site some great links. I am a trucker in the UK (you follow me on twitter) and I’m hoping to come across the pond to work. Being a Canadian but my parents live in Apache Junction thought it would be pretty easy but now see that it won’t be as easy, so your links have helped me a great deal. Keep up the great work and be safe out there buddy.



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