Heavy Haul Truckers

Heavy Haul Truckers











Heavy haul truckers play a vital role in society. Heavy Haul Truckers carry  items that would not fit on an average tractor trailer and thus cannot be driven by average truckers. Some truckers specialize in driving in dangerous conditions, such as on icy roads and/or in inclement weather. The job of a trucker can at times be dangerous but it is also interesting, as truckers will in many cases end up visiting numerous states in the course of his or her job.

How Much Does a Trucker Make?

A heavy haul trucker can earn between $30,000 and $57,000 a year. The amount a trucker earns depends on various factors, such as a trucker’s experience, the trucker’s driving schedule, which company a trucker works for and even what state the trucker is employed in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has noted that Alaska and Nebraska are profitable states for truckers, as truckers in these states earn over $43,000 a year. It has also been noted that a trucker who wants to earn an above average income should seek employment from the Federal Government; heavy haul truckers working for the a  government agency earn an average of $53,000 a year, considerably more than truckers who work for a freight  company or wholesale company. This is just the average stat’s found online you will probably earn way more, and if you own the truck your salary will be even higher. Some heavy haul truckers earn well over $100,000 a year.







What do Heavy Haul Truckers Do?

The job description of a trucker is pretty straightforward. Truckers drive a large truck from one place to another. In some instances a trucker will only have to drive from one city to another city in the same state. However, many heavy haul truckers cross several state lines in order to get the goods to their destination. It has been rightly said that being a trucker is not a profession but a lifestyle choice, as a trucker often has to spend days or even weeks away from home transporting goods from one place to another. Many truckers sleep in their truck and spend most of the day alone as they drive from one place to another.







What Kind of Vehicles do Truckers Drive?

It has been estimated that about 50% of truckers not only drive large trucks but are also licensed to drive heavy haul vehicles. Truckers manage not only heavy loads but also loads that are not properly proportioned. In states that do a lot of construction, many heavy haul truckers transport large tractors or other earth moving machines from one place to another. These machines are not only very heavy but also have a unique shape that truckers must accommodate for safe transport. In most instances, truckers will have a large trailer attached to the rig. A Heavy Haul truckers trailer has a flat bed with no roof or side walls and the piece of equipment being transferred is chained onto the truckers trailer so that it will not fall off. The trucker trailer being driven  can be 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13 or even 20 axle. Many of these heavy haul truckers trailers are also extendable.








Heavy Haul Permits and Trucker Escorts

Many people do not realize just how much work goes into transporting an oversized  load. While the trucker is the one who has to carefully drive the load from one place to another, truckers in fact have a team to help them load and sometimes even transport the load in question. First of all, the item or items in question must be properly loaded onto the truck, which is a job that is not handled by the truckers themselves. It is no easy feat and often involves the use of a crane to lift the item in question in place. The item must then be securely fastened to the truckers trailer before the truck driver starts his or her trip.







All states require that a trucker have a special  permit to transport a heavy or oversized  load’s.  The specifications for when a  permit is needed depend’s  on various factors and the exact  laws differ from state to state. The trucking company has to look up state heavy haul trucker regulations to make sure that the truckers load can be legally transported through the state in question.



Many states require that heavy haul truckers be accompanied by trucker escort vehicles. Those driving the trucker escort vehicles assist the trucker by keeping an eye on the load and making sure that it stays properly fastened to the truck. The escorts also help truckers manage the truck if the road conditions are particularly challenging.






How To Become A Heavy Haul Trucker

It is not hard to become a Heavy Haul Trucker. All that a prospective trucker needs is a high school diploma, a few years of experience in a trucker related profession  and a commercial driver’s license. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the truckers job growth field is quite high, as trucking companies and even government bodies will be in need of qualified truckers who can safely transport large, oversized items from one place to another. So those who want to be truckers can look forward to being able to find truck driving  jobs with little to no problem.








Some of the many items that truckers can expect to transport include boats, airplanes, turbines, wind energy equipment, prefabricated homes, pipes, bridge beams, domes, mining equipment, condensers and injection mold machines. The job of a trucker is simply to get the item or items in question to the destination safely and without incident. However, truckers also rely on the help of others, as teams of people usually assist truckers in loading the equipment and securing the needed permits. In some cases a truckers team even escorts the trucker to his or her destination. On the other hand, truckers often end up driving their vehicle alone with only the radio for company, so the job of a trucker is in fact a lifestyle choice that a trucker makes in order to earn a living and get the needed items from one place to the next. Aspiring truckers do not need years of college or university education; however, aspiring truck drivers  should try to get as much trucking  related experience as possible, as it will help a person to get a good trucking  job with a transport company that pays a high trucker annual salary.





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