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< “Parking lot there called out here on the road.”   Very good money to be made hauling cars.   The average yearly salary of a company truck driver hauling cars is $65,000 and up.   Very hard to get if you have no previous experience hauling cars, but it can be done.   First you must have one year experience with any other type of truck’s .   “Then there are several ways to get this job”,  find an owner operator in your area who is willing to train you as a team with him.   Or find a company that is willing to train you, start calling be persistent  that you want this job. You already have one year or more driving a truck just no experience hauling cars.  But you really want to learn!   You will haul cars from the factory to the dealers or other places  “you can haul cars for Nascar.”  Sometimes you will haul cars for private sales to individuals where you might have to unload in a neighborhood. 








Most often you will drive long distance and be away from home a lot.  You will have to load and unload the truck.  But you will get paid extra for this.   Trucking like any profession , the harder you work the more money you will earn.  You will also get a bonus for getting there without any damage to the cars.  You will have to learn how to load the truck so as not to be overweight.   Owner operators who haul cars can earn $1.60 a mile or higher up to “$200.000” a year.   Car haulers are at the top of the pay scale in the truck driving industry!   There is even local car hauler jobs Toyota right here in Arizona.   I talked with their drivers   they earn close to “$2,000  a week”,  they pick up in California deliver in phoenix then back to California.  They work long hours 60 or more a week but for “$95,000 a year” I would do it.  So now you have the information go out there and get a Car hauling job and earn very good money.  Stay safe and profitable my friends.

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