No truck parking sign in a huge empty parking lot!  Wow why would that be there?  “There is a big truck parking shortage in the USA”, and “it’s” getting worse.  “The federal government requires us to take a break”,  but does not provide enough parking!  “Shit happens”  so we can’t always find a proper place to sleep.  For instance i planned on parking at the truck stop, but you delayed unloading me.  “Now im out of driving hours allowed by law”, and you will not allow to park in your empty lot!  “So you expect me to break the law”, and drive to a truck stop that probably has no parking spot’s left!  Then what about the safety of your family?  Do you want a sleepy truck driver roaming around looking for a place to sleep? We need more parking,  and business needs to be more understanding!  What do you think about this?  Leave your comments below this post.  Gonzotrucker

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