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 Yes you can earn money hauling container’s,  This is something I know about from experience.   For three years I hauled containers out of the Chicago rail yards.   You can earn good money driving a container truck if you work smart.   Like I talked about in my book “adapt to your environment.”  You will pick up and drop off  trailers at the rail yards.   Load and unload at the shippers and receivers, and sometimes work on the containers.  I used to find containers with broken airlines, missing lights, missing Gladhands all kinds of defects.   So always carry those items with you in the truck!   Containers are shipped from all around the world to the ports in the USA.  “For instance Chicago is a busy rail yard hub”, you pick up a load in Ohio take it to the rail yard in Chicago,  then it goes by train to Los Angeles ports.   Where it is shipped to china or the other way around you pick it up in Chicago and take it to Ohio. 
Most of these jobs are regional and you can be home more often. “It’s” possible to be home every weekend.”   You will have to deal with heavy traffic at the rail yard, and ports  bad container trailers, and other hazard associated with hauling containers.  “If you think this is for you”,  then I suggest you drive a container truck for a big company for 6 months to learn your area.   Then find a cheap used truck to buy, and become an owner operator.   My friend in phoenix John owns a truck  he is home 3 days a week and earns $95,000 a year bring home.   Not a bad salary for only 4 days a week of work.  He hauls containers from phoenix to California  “nice job”!.   So if you work smart you can earn big time money hauling containers!

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    Now i want to do job in canada. I am able to do my job in multiple shifts. Anyone can contact me on
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    thank you

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