How To Beat A Speeding Ticket

Everyone want’s to know how to do this?  I’ve beat several in court so i know some secret’s.  I beat one ticket when the officer forgot who i was in court!  I beat another one with Arizona  reasonable, and prudent laws.  Look that law up on google you should know it!  First never admit guilt!!!   If the officer asks you,  do you know the speed limit here?   Answer no sir im not sure.  Never argue try to be normal not out of the ordinary. “Act ignorant”, and scared you might get a warning if he believes you did not know you were speeding.   Remember everything around you!   How many car’s pass, and what colors.  I one time asked the officer, remember the red car that passed us?  He did not remember, so i asked him how can you remember it was me speeding then? I remember the car why didn’t you?  That shook him up, and he started to stutter in front of the judge.  If you get a ticket,  delay the court as long as you can!  Keep getting  continuances as many times as they will let you.  This is very important as the officer will forget the details, or may change his job then you win.  Also request the officer get his radar gun certified, and mention in court that your speedometer is off.  Get the officer on the stand, It’s your right to question him about everything Ask him what was the weather that day, and how many other trucks there were on the road.  This is only my opinion results may vary Ho Ho, always have a lawyer.  Let him do the work for you he will win !  My lawyer out of phoenix wins 75% of the time. These are just some step’s you can take to beat a speeding ticket.  The best way to not get a ticket is,  don’t get caught!  GONZOTRUCKER

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