“How to change your oil”

"How to change your oil"

How to do an oil change

1. Make sure to have all of the following: oil drain plug wrench { usually ranging from a

10mm to a 17mm depending on the vehicle specs.}, an oil drain pan, an oil filter  the

particular model in question, an oil filter wrench if needed, and usually five quarts of oil

{ refer to the vehicle operating manual for specific type}.


Note: Some vehicles may require lifting and securing on jackstands in order to access

the oil drain plug and filter.

Note: Some early to late 90’s models will require right front passenger side tire removal

and removing a small plastic shield attached by plastic push in clips to access

the oil filter.

2. Begin by placing the drain pan underneath the drain plug making sure the pan is


3. Loosen the drain plug with the required wrench, then remove.

4. After all the oil has drained out, replace the drain plug and tighten.

5. next you will need to locate the oil filter on the vehicle and move the drain pan until it

is directly under the filter.

6. Loosen the oil filter { using a filter wrench if applicable}. Some oil will drain out.

7. Remove the filter. Reinstall the new filter making sure to use some oil to lubricate

the O ring at the top, tighten firmly.

8. Remove oil fill cap on the top side of the engine.

9. Add recommended oil type checking the fluid level frequently to keep from overfilling.

10 After replacing the oil cap and removing the drain pan, start the vehicle for a few

seconds, then turn off.

11. Recheck oil using the dipstick and add oil if needed.


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