How To Choose A Truck Driving School

How To Choose A Truck Driving School And Information About CDL Training

America has an enormous amount of freight to be moved around the country annually. This fact has necessitated the demand for qualified truck drivers to facilitate the supply of these goods.  Many freight companies are now offering handsome packages for their drivers making this career worth training for. Truck driving training and qualification is a mandatory requirement for any individual to be able to get employment in this industry. There are many truck driving schools around but not all of these schools offer quality training capable of making trainee acquire the relevant skills needed. The following are some of the things you need to know before settling on any school.

How to find them Truck driving schools can practically be found in all 50 states across the country. Most of these schools are concentrated around major cities and towns. Finding the best schools in your city or town can be a challenging task especially since there are many such training institutions around. Searching through websites and asking for referrals from people who have obtained quality training are among the best approaches which can be used to find a quality school. This Website offers a comprehensive directory of free and paid training institutions hence making it easy for you to find a school of your choice.

Training offered Truck driving schools offer different levels of training fit for the different levels of a driving license. The courses offered by most schools include CDL class A and B. CDL class A involves training to obtain a license in driving a truck with a trailer while class B involves training to obtain certification of driving buses or trucks with no trailer. Other schools also offer training in heavy equipment machine operation and tractor driver specialist lessons.

Truck driving schools operate differently, with most of them developing packages that are custom made to suit the convenience of their student. These lessons take a duration ranging from 13 weeks to 23 weeks depending on which specific type of training a student decides to take. These classes can either be full time, evening classes or a combination of both. The first part of this training can be done online where a student learns about the basics of truck driving training and then followed up by a hands-on training on trucks.

Passing the CDL test If you want to qualify for a CDL and be a truck driver, you have to pass the Commercial Driver License (CDL) test. This test has two sections- a general knowledge sections and the road driving test. The general knowledge test covers a wide range of issues including facts and figures about trucks and the road. It is thus important for students to take time and study for these tests before the exam.  The best way to prepare is to use a CDL study guide which has some sample questions. This site has CDL practice tests which will help you understand and obtain the relevant requirements and knowledge to pass your exam.

Requirements for training There are a number of requirements for one to qualify to become a truck driver. The most obvious requirements are 18 years of age and above and passing a physical exam. Truck driving is more than just sitting behind the wheels and navigating. Drivers are expected to be able to easily get in and out of the vehicle, open and close vehicles, carry out inspection on that truck and carry loads. Most truck driving schools and trucking firms require a pre-work physical assessment test to ensure the suitability of the individual. Things that schools may check are general height, health, body size, ability to lift heavy objects and ability of crouching under 40-inch surface to carry out inspections.

Cost of training The average duration of PTDI-certified truck driving courses take an average duration of six weeks but it can take less or more than this. The average cost of PTDI-certified training is about $4,200 but this varies a lot depending on which driving school you are attending.  Driving schools can charge as low as $1000 or as high as $10,000 depending on the quality of training and certification. Other related expenses that can be included are tuition fees, uniforms, test fees and medical examinations.

Students are also expected to pay for the CDL tests whose cost range between $ 30 and $100. However, students do not necessarily have to pay for these fees by themselves. Students can qualify for federal financial aid for truck driving but only if they enroll to accredited truck driving schools.

Factors to consider when choosing a school For quality training, there is need of finding a school that is reputable and offers training aimed at producing qualified graduates. There are certain factors that should hence be checked to determine if that school is suitable or not. On top of these factors are certification and accreditation. It is of vast importance that you receive training in a school that is accredited and licensed. Accredited schools have demonstrated to accrediting agencies that they offer training that meet high educational standards.

Facilities and equipment for training are other factors that should be evaluated. The institution should have classrooms that are adequate for instructions equipped with training aids and a library.  The equipment used in training should be a major concern. They have to be well maintained recent model trailers and tractors which are used by employers in the market. You also have to choose training institutions that have qualified and experienced instructors.

Driving time and student-to-truck ratio are other factors that you have to evaluate. The minimal standard driving time is supposed to be 44 hours. It would thus be prudent to check the curriculum of a school under consideration if they offer this standard driving time. Established truck driving schools offer private training whereby one student is taught with one truck at a time.

While considering training as a truck driver, it is important that you find the best truck driving schools. This can however be challenging and you thus need to consider certain factors which should include cost of services, quality instructors, availability of training equipment and certification. This website lists free and paid training schools which gives you an easy approach of choosing your school of choice.

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