How to Choose Your First Truck

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How to Choose Your First Truck

Years ago, the process of buying the right truck was fairly easy. There was a limited choice of manufacturers and options. However, a spike in demand for light, medium and heavy duty trucks drew several new manufacturers into the market. Their entrance has resulted in an explosion of new truck types, models and options.

Many car manufacturers have added light and medium duty trucks to their vehicle line up. Performance, technology and comfort features once only available in automobiles are now found in trucks.

The best advice for choosing the right truck is to have a crystal clear understanding of its purpose, expected driving conditions, required options and the available budget. Investing the time to carefully think this through will shorten the selection process and yield the best outcome. Having a thorough plan will help narrow down the choices and stay on budget.

What Is The Purpose For Buying This Vehicle?

This may sound like a trivial question, but it’s very important to think through the answer. There are many reasons to buy a truck. Some are on the practical side, and some aren’t. The important point is to know what you want the truck to do.

Some people just like the idea of owning a truck. A few view them as a status symbol. Most just want to put them to work around the house, the office, or on a job site.

Pickup trucks are often selected as a substitute for an SUV. In fact, pickups and SUV’s are now fairly comparable in terms of their features and even their pricing. Today, it’s not uncommon to find trucks equipped with heated leather seats, remote controlled mirrors, back up sensors, cruise control, advanced sound systems, Internet access, laptop and cellphone integration, and GPS navigation systems with SiriusXM and LCD vehicle control displays.

Most people look to trucks primarily for their carrying and towing capabilities. They need their truck to haul heavy, oversized items. They need a vehicle that can safely and efficiently carry and tow hundreds of pounds. They also need the vehicle to withstand tough driving and environmental conditions often found on the road and around construction sites. Knowing the exact carrying and towing requirements is the pivotal decision with the selection of a truck.

Once the purpose for buying a truck is established, it clarifies which options are required to serve that purpose.

What Options Are Required?

Depending on the carrying and towing requirements, the truck model type could be light, mid-sized or heavy duty. The bed capacity could be short or long.

The trucks’ cab could be standard or extended depending on seating needs.

The choice of the engine is decided by the preference of fuel source (e.g. gasoline, diesel, biofuels or hybrid) and desired fuel efficiency.

The Budget?

New, light to medium duty truck for sale prices, start at $20,000 and can exceed $80,000. Having a firm price target helps to narrow down the choice of models and options.

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