“Flatbeds are used to haul everything from roofing shingles to heavy equipment”, and most get paid a few cents per mile more.  You can make good money with a flatbed if you’re not afraid of a little manual labor.  With a flatbed you must secure your load with tarps, strap’s, and chains which will keep you fit on the road.  Some flatbed drivers earn more than a dry van truck driver because they paid to secure the load average pay for this $50 dollars.  “Also with a flatbed you won’t have to back up so much or wait at a loading dock for hours”,  just pull up and be loaded and on your way.  That means more miles less sitting around waiting to be loaded. But it’s not an easy job folding Tarps securing the load in all kinds of weather!   All of these can make it a very difficult job to some, others would not do anything else.  
I think the major difference in making good money with a flatbed is not as much sitting around waiting to be loaded and unloaded.  When I  was hauling a flatbed the shipper and receiver were ready for me.  That equals more miles and more money in your pocket!  There are a lot of pro’s and con’s to hauling a flatbed trailer with general freight.  There are certain things to know with a flatbed like never let your tarps get wet on the ground, ‘metal on metal’  if you have a metal load always use chains.  Sometimes you will have to measure the height of the load yourself 13’6 remember.  At first it will take you time to secure the load 2 hours but with a little time and experience you will get quicker at it.  Sometimes you can get the shipper to put the tarps on top of the load for you they weigh 75  to 100 pounds each. Flatbed truck drivers are very fit and generally more willing to help other drivers because of this.  So in my opinion the key to making more money with a flatbed (VS) a dry van is to get fast at securing the load, and then get on down the road to your next destination.  Real quick turnaround loads and then you can possibly earn $10,000 more per year over other truck drivers.   GONZOTRUCKER

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