“Tankers are a very different animal”,  you have to know  the way your truck will react.  “It’ takes a different kind of driver to haul tankers some are called suicide jockeys.  Tanker’s require skill and experience above  regular truck drivers.  “Truck driving tanker jobs ebb and flow depending on economic indexes that affect oil and other freight hauled by a tanker.”  Tanker companies are always looking for good tanker truck drivers.  You will need a tanker and Haz- mat endorsement on your CD (commercial driver license),  and one of the best ways is to train as an entry level driver with a new company that hauls tankers.  Companys like prime will completely train you on a tanker truck.  There are also local tanker truck driving jobs you can deliver everything from gasoline to milk and be home every night! Tanker truck drivers specialize in loading and unloading liquids and gas many of these will be hazardous materials.  You will be required to take the haz- mat and tanker truck driver courses.  Driving a tanker truck can be stressful and most jobs are local stops on the same routes so it’s a good routine.  Driving a tanker truck is very different you have special stopping distance, and  rollover’s  you will have to slow way down for curves and coming to a stop.  Skid control is very important because with a tanker you can’t make sudden quick maneuvers or you will roll over!  “But the opportunity to make a lot of money driving a tanker truck are very good indeed ho ho!!



A local tanker truck driver can earn “40,000 to 60,000 a year” depending on what company they work for, and how many hours a week, and what type of liquid they haul.  Over the road tanker truck drivers can earn 50,000 to 100,000 a year. Owner operators can earn “100,000 to 150,000 a year” driving a tanker truck in the united states and Canada.  There are many great opportunities right now to work in the oil field and earn great money some guys are knocking down “100,000 a year”,  as a company driver hauling oil and natural gas.  One owner operator in Texas last year Earned “177,000”  with 1 truck.  Tanker truck drivers are in high demand in the middle east its a perfect place to earn a lot of money real quick!!  “Due to high turnover companies are always looking for tanker truck drivers over there”, get in and out quick with lots of cash!  Just be well aware of the risk!!!! Average salary in the middle east is “75,000 to 120,000”,  and overseas Americans get the first 90,000 (tax free)!  Come home with 90,000 cash in your pocket for 1 year of work.  So there it is in brief now go and earn some money as a tanker truck driver. Be safe out there, and get home soon  GONZOTRUCKER

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