How Truck Drivers Can Get Overseas Jobs

2014 Trucking Guide – How Truck Drivers Can Get Overseas Jobs

Companies and recruiters across different parts of the globe today are currently in need of competent truck drivers. So it is certain that there is no lack of truck driver jobs in foreign countries. There are also a lot of recruiters that are looking for overseas truck driver jobs, for their company, and drivers may want to apply for all of them. But the wisest thing to do is to first check what are the specific requirements of each of these truck driver jobs, and apply for the ones that suit the driver most.

Nowadays, there is a large demand for trucking jobs in countries such as Australia, Japan, and some parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom. These jobs include the forklift, class 2 deliveries, and even clam truck jobs. Typical jobs from overseas might also include uploading shipments, confirming the delivery of shipments, connecting and disconnecting trailers, and other tedious jobs that are related to transportation. So if the driver believes that he can do this and already has lots of experience, then these truck driving jobs might be the right employment for him. Not only will it fetch him good money, but it will also give him an opportunity to explore different parts of the world.

Requirements for Overseas Truck Driver Jobs

The requirement for getting any type of employment overseas is a passport and VISA. Certain countries also require a work VISA, while others require a passport. Usually, if the driver is looking to live in a foreign country even after he has finished his job, then he needs to apply for temporary residency status. The employer will usually help him in getting this. But if it is a matter of few days, then only a passport is necessary.

The next thing that he will need for a truck driver job is a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Some jobs also require a reach license. But before applying for a license, the driver needs to find out how the driving test is conducted, and what is required to pass the test. Some tests have a written exam, along with a driving test. They might also be looking for certain skills and qualifications, in accordance with the type of trucking job that they are looking for. Some overseas licenses cost a lot more than the ones in the US, so the driver needs to be prepared for it. The company might also ask for the driver’s past experiences and the nature of his work, and it is important to always tell the truth. A lot of companies perform a background check, so even if the driver lies during the interview, they will most probably catch him later. It is important to remember that the driver’s character is as important as his driving skills. Another important thing that a recruiter is looking for in a truck driver is his ability to carry the cargo over long distances, without damaging it. Sometimes, even the smallest amount of damage to the cargo can cost the company greatly.


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