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Being the only lady in a man’s world would certainly set you apart from the rest. Take it from Lisa Kelly, the star of the popular series Ice Road Truckers. Hailed as the sexiest trucker alive, this 32-year old Wasilla, Alaska native’s career has grown leaps and bounds over the years. Growing up, Lisa has always had an enthusiasm for anything and everything that involves wheels. She used to drive a school bus and a commercial van for a living while she did motocross and dirt bike riding on her free time. She was also a state motocross champion for a few years. Her love for the ice and for driving made her realize that she eventually wanted to become a trucker. This led her to landing her first trucking job which was with Carlile Transportation, an Alaskan haulage company.


When the History channel came up with the reality show Ice Road Truckers Lisa became the only featured woman driver on the show. According to her she has had a lot of comments about being a woman in a world mostly dominated by men but she is very much up to the task and she has learned to deal with the nay sayers. She is currently one of the most recognized faces in the American public especially after she also started appearing in another show called Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads. Lisa’s down to earth magnanimous personality has audience all over the world drawn to her. In fact, she is such a hit on the show that when she left to take a year off, the show’s ratings fell. With such a beautiful face and a charming personality, the show Ice Road Truckers has made many fans out of Lisa.



Her story of a young girl growing up and finding her place in a career that few other women have ventured into is truly very inspiring. The new show, Deadliest Roads shows Lisa conquering more rugged terrains in India and Bolivia together with the series’ newcomers. For the show’s new season Lisa has embraced the new challenges by bringing into the show her curiosity and tenacity to brave roads that she has never driven on before. The show’s format brings forth competition between a past cast member who has also started his own trucking fleet and the more established Polar industries of which Lisa is part. Battling nature’s harsh elements, keeping their eyes on the road, and exerting extra effort to win the prize, Lisa and her teammates work together to bring both entertainment and reality to the show.



Despite the challenges that comes her way on the show, this daredevil of a woman never lets her fear get in the way of things. When asked what her experience has been like on the show Ice Road Trucker Lisa says it has been such an amazing time in her life. Traveling across different countries and meeting new people are two things that brings so much excitement and to her already exciting and adventure-filled life.

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