Ice Road Truckers Alex Makes The Move To Polar

Alex Debogorski, a star of History Channel’s reality show Ice Road Truckers, is one of the legends of driving Canada’s ice roads. He is best known for his careful, skillful driving style and for his attention to safety and detail. A fan favorite through the first six seasons, Ice Road Truckers Alex has made the move to hauling loads in Manitoba for the seventh season.

Background and Experience
Born in 1953 in Berwyn, Alberta, Alex began driving the ice roads in 1981. This makes him the most experienced of the drivers featured on History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers. He is also one of the most well-known and experienced drivers of the ice roads throughout Canada.

Most of his experience came on the roads around Yellowknife and the Tibbitt to Contwoyto Winter Road. Throughout the show, he has also run routes on the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road, the Dalton Highway and the Dempster Highway. For Season Seven, he is making deliveries on Manitoba’s winter roads.

Alex was raised on a farm in Alberta, where he learned to work the land with both tractors and horses. He believes in working hard, and says his home life is the driving force behind his work. He has been married to the same woman for more than 40 years. Together they have 11 children and more than a dozen grandchildren.

Alex and his family live in Yellowknife year-around. During Season Two, Alex suffered a pulmonary embolism and had to drop out mid-season for treatment. He has since fully recovered.

Personality and Attitude
For more than a decade, Alex has been the first driver to pull a load over which ever ice road he is driving at the time. He considers this a good luck charm for him and a safety precaution for both himself and other drivers. He takes pride in his careful nature while many drivers behave like renegades on the ice.

Understanding that it can take your life at any time, Ice Road Truckers Alex has a respect for the road and the ice that runs deep. In fact, he dropped out of the 2010 spinoff IRT: Deadliest Roads after concerns about his personal safety if he attempted to complete the trip. He was replaced by American Dave Redmon, who went on to appear in Season Five of Ice Road Truckers and the next season of IRT: Deadliest Roads as well.

Season Seven
Ice Road Truckers Alex made the move to driving the winter roads of Manitoba for Season Seven. On this route, he is delivering supplies to isolated towns throughout Manitoba. Along with drivers Lisa Kelly and Darrell Ward, Alex signed on to drive for Mark Kohaykewych at Polar Industries after the departure of Hugh Rowland at the end of Season Six.

Hugh is an old rival of Alex. The pair have similar experience, but couldn’t be more different where their style and attitude is concerned. Hugh regularly disregards safety, rules and regulations. Alex enjoys competing against Hugh, and Polar is going to need his experience with Hugh’s new company posing their first real competition.

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