Interview with a Truck Driver Bart Klok

What is your name, and can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is bart klok born and raised in the netherlands i’m a trucker by nature. i like woman and taking pictures i also like internet

What made you decide to become a truck driver?
 It happened …i just did not want to do anything else.
How did you get you’re start in truck driving?
  I started as a driver for a brewery delivering beverages to bars and cafe’s and so 
How long have you been a truck driver?
 35 years and continuing 
What do you like or dislike about being a truck driver?
 I like my freedom ……….not always nice to be on the road when there is someone sick in the family …..
Did you encounter anything unexpected after you became a truck driver?
 Every day yes …..that is the nice part of it
Who do you drive a truck for?
 I drive for eikelenboom european food transport……. we drive whit foodstuff trailers
Are you happy working for them?
 Very happy
Do you have any regrets?
 No regrets
Is there anything else you want to tell us about truck driving?
The driving times and the control of it could be a bit better
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