Interview with a Truck Driver Chuck Cornell

What is your name, and can you tell us a little about yourself

Chuck Cornell, I’m 36 years old I have 2 kids and a wife my kids are 12 and 16 I love to be outside fishing n hunting, but never have the time now. Love loud machines, shiny too. Not to much into religion, although I was once. Believe and know I could run this country better then out president.

What made you decide to become a truck driver?
Well my father was and still is a trucker, I was welding in a fab shop sweating my but off and I said why don’t I do what my father and older brother does.


How did you get you’re start in truck driving

I went to road master driving school in Columbus Ohio they just teach u enough to get a license. A good man in stockdale Ohio seen something he like about me and put me in a new ford truck in September of 1999 pulling liquid asphalt, and salt in the winter.


What do you like or dislike about being a truck driver?

What I dislike the most about being a truck driver is the federal laws that govern us, I agree many of them are need but this last change of hos was uncalled for.

I love seeing the country, and hauling ass all day. The pay is good also.


Did you encounter anything unexpected after you became a truck driver?

Never encounter anything unexpected, heard of everything before, and I loss a uncle in truck wreck and had a aunt smashed in between two of my other uncles trucks so there’s not much, but I’m sure there is a lot still to encounter and always will be.


Who do you drive a truck for?

I drive for Altom now. If they would get me home a little more I’d be really happy but can’t have it all.


Do you have any regrets?

Only regrets I have is missing my kids events and not being there as much as I wanted to be, or they wanted me to be.

It’s not what it use to be that’s for sure the cowboy days are over.

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