Interview with a Truck Driver Jimmy Allen

What is your name, and can you tell us a little about yourself?
       My Name is Jimmy Allen, I live in Arizona I am a 20 year Teamster Member, I am Married to the Love of My Life, We have three kids and one grand kid. I love Off roading in My 4×4, and I am a Life long Raider, A’s and Warrior fan.
What made you decide to become a truck driver?
       Well You can say it’s in My Blood, I was born into trucking, My Dad was a Truck Driver, He owned Trucks and was also a Company driver, also My Grandfather drove log trucks in Northern California
How did you get you’re start in truck driving?
    As A child I would go with My Dad any chance I got. In High school I worked at a Truck Stop. I got My Class 1 at 18, When I turned 21 I worked with My Dad for about 6 months straight Training, At 22 A good Friend of my Dad gave Me a job at a company he was running, My first Job was loading Gin trash and taking it to be used for Fertilizer, I drove a 72 Pete with a 5 and 4 two stick gear box.
How long have you been a truck driver?
Ha Ha  Officially 26 years,  Unofficially about 35 years, as once I was strong enough to push the clutch in  on His 72 cabover, I got some Stick time in  when I could.
What do you like or dislike about being a truck driver?
I love being out and about, not all cooped up in the same place, like an office.  I love keeping a truck clean, and taking pride in what I drive.
I Dislike working for a Big company,  and of course the stupid 4 wheelers out there!!
Did you encounter anything unexpected after you became a truck driver?
Yes I didn’t realize the fatigue that was involved working long hours of driving.  As a Kid I would just flop over on the dog house and snooze, I now know why My Dad drove with  his window down, even in freezing weather!!
Who do you drive a truck for?

Ruan Transportation

Are you happy working for them?
Yes very Happy, It is a good Union Job with great benefits.  We are contracted to deliver groceries for Fry’s grocery stores the  largest grocery chain here in Arizona.  They bought a company I was working for a few years ago in California, and as They are nation wide it allowed Me to get out of Cali and transfer to Arizona.
Do you have any regrets?
I have been a Company Driver My whole Career, I wish I would of bought My own truck, I love polishing and cleaning a Truck, but after seeing what it did to My Dad and all he missed in My Life, I never took the leap.
Is there anything else you want to tell us about truck driving?

Trucking is more than just a Job, It is a lifestyle, I enjoy driving and it has been very good to Me. I have been able to make a good Living doing something I truely enjoy!!

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