Interview with a Truck Driver William Ainsworth


What is your name, and can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello my name is William Ainsworth, aka Willy Glenn. I spent 30 yrs. as a Transportation Director of a School Bus Co. in N.E. Kansas. I also spent those yrs. driving Charter Buses and School Buses




What made you decide to become a truck driver?

The bus co. was bought out by the School District, leaving me with a very defined set of skills that I could carry over with me. After 30 years of dealing with Administrator, Principles, Teachers, Parents and Students I decided I had enough of that responsibility and decided to pursue a career in driving.



How did you get your start in truck driving?

I took a 6 week training course at Fort Scott Community College Truck Driving School. I knew getting on with a company would be a challenge mainly because at the time most were not accepting student drivers. At that point my family and I decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona. which was a hub for many trucking companies, especially those who would hire student drivers. My first job was with Swift Transportation, which I know they catch a lot of flack but my experience with them was a good one. I had an excellent trainer and we did Target dedicated. Home every other night was great but unfortunately it did little to prepare me for life as an OTR. Dealing with guard shacks, scales and wait times to load and unload along with route planning was not included in my training.



How long have you been a truck driver

All together I have almost 2 yrs. OTR with 2 different companies.


What do you like or dislike about being a truck driver?


I liked the freedom of being out on the open road and seeing new places I would have never seen if I hadn’t started driving. My biggest dislike was as a driver you are at the mercy of the planners, no matter how good your DM is the planners make the calls and go home every day patting themselves on the back for covering all their trips with little if any attention paid to the driver or their needs.



Did you encounter anything unexpected after you became a truck driver?

Yes, every trip, not knowing what to expect at each of the different shippers and receiving companies. For some reason most companies seem to think you need to know where every cold storage and warehouse facility in the country is located


Who do you drive a truck for?

I was until recently driving for National Carriers. Now I am driving locally for a pumping company servicing grease traps and septic.


Are you happy working for them?

Yes because it allows me to be home at night with my family and also have weekends off, and make better money consistently every week than I did OTR.

Do you have any regrets?

My only regret is that of pretty much every other driver, the pay and the miles would be better allowing me to continue to drive and an be able to afford to provide for my family.



Is there anything else you want to tell us about truck driving?

It is a great vocation to be in with the potential to make a very good living if you are with the right company. It is a hard job to have if you have a family because home time can be far and few in between at times. All in all if you have the desire, truck driving can be a very satisfying job.


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