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Ellis is a man that believes he can do it all and excel at everything he did. He participated in the XGames and a pro skateboarder. He excelled at martial arts, boxing, truck racing, and moto sports. He landed roles on TV and in the movies. Now he has published his first book. The name of the book: I’m Awesome. Who is Jason Ellis?

He was born in Australia to an alcoholic mother and a father who’s unpredictability taught Jason how to be fearless. His mother was only sixteen when he was born. He came to America in his teens to become a professional skate board rider. He became a professional skate boarder and quickly rose to be one of the highest ranked boarders in the world. He set a Guinness World Record by dropping off a 70 foot skateboard ramp. He still tours the country with Tony Hawk to do demos.

Jason also became a highly trained mixed martial arts fighter. He has fought big names like Tony Gianopulos and still trains under the direction of Dan Henderson at the Team Quest camp in California. He also trains at the Fortune Boxing Gym in Hollywood, California.

Ellis is the front man for the Heavy Metal group Death! Death! Die! He now has a successful career on Sirius Radio called the Jason Ellis Show. It airs Monday through Friday on Channel 28. For four hours he entertains as a high energy, uncensored talk radio host with a hard rock format mixed in. His show is one of the most popular shows on Sirius radio. Before he became Sirius radio’s favorite host he was a vocalist and a founding member of Taintstick. They did a combination of Comedy/Rock and Metal. They released one album called Six Pounds of Sound.

This April in his new book he tells the world about Jason Ellis the uncut story. The full title is: I’m Awesome: One Man’s Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever. The raw honest truth comes out with this book he wrote with Mike Tully. He tells about the really bad stuff that happened to him, but has good memories also. Mostly the good memories revolve around his father. His father scared him but Jason idolized him. His father allowed him to drive at the age of six by tying a block to the gas pedal. He also got his first motorbike. When he was introduced to skate boarding at the age of six,he fell in love with it. He decided to leave Australia when he was  legal at the age of sixteen. He landed in Los Angeles and went to work on becoming what he had always dreamed.

Now on Sirius Radio, he relates childhood stories and entertains his listeners. His unique, raw style as won him many fans. If you are a fan, his book will allow you to see into his background and the events that made him Jason Ellis. Read the review his fans have wrote for him on Amazon.

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