Kari Fisher – All About the Woman behind Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Kari Fisher –  All About the Woman behind Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Kari Fisher – All About the Woman behind Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

Kari Fisher, a woman who explored the “power of the web,” stood out in helping numerous truck drivers and families. Congratulations to her! She was honored by the “Making a Difference Award” in October 28, 2012 for impacting the trucking industry. The award convened by Truck Driver Social Media Convention in Kansas, City also highlighted the success of Fisher’s Facebook page, which has managed to gather more than 2,000 members in its first year of establishment.

How Everything Began with the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network

On the second of February 2012, Mark Williams, a truck driver in the U.S., went missing. His wife Jona Williams asked her friend Kari Fisher to help locate him. Through a Facebook and Twitter group where Fisher is a member, Mark Williams was found parked in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in just 24 hours.

Because of that incident, Hal Kiah suggested Kari Fisher to establish a group to look for missing truck drivers. This September, there are over 7,000 members of “The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network” page on Facebook. It has accumulated more than 15,000 likes on both Facebook and Twitter.

The advocacy of the non-profit organization has established a goal that I myself had been struck with. Fisher, the CEO of “The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network,” said, “The ultimate goal of the Missing Driver Alert Network is to locate and return drivers reported missing to their family, without loss. While we realize that this may not always be the case, we will do our utmost to get the word out to everyone in the trucking community with that goal in mind. We will work with the law enforcement community and truck stops around the country in coordinating any search to achieve this goal.”

Fisher has continuously been effortless in mobilizing truck drivers and supporters in search for missing truck drivers and their families. She believes in the power of people working together with the use of telecommunications and the power of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Members are encouraged to spread text alerts, while other followers also share blog posts, all in the hope of helping the cause, as what I am hopefully doing today.

The MTDAN’s main goal is to locate missing truck drivers. On July 14th, Raymond White was found dead. In this case, Fisher explained that it is not a part of the cause to pick up the body. However, she did all she can to still help the family despite of the MTDAN’s policy. She approached Virginia Arnold and Tony Hamilton of Trucker Charity and the “Last Ride Home” program for help. The Trucker Charity had collected over $300 to aid the family in collecting White’s body and personal belongings. She also agreed on the support offered by different organizations like the Professional Truckers Association. The PTA collected $200 and sent it to White’s family.

At the time of this writing, as I visited the “The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network” Facebook page, another truck driver, Gerald Van Dyke, is reported missing since September 14th. Anyone can help by calling 720-202-5606, visit https://www.missingtruckdriver.com, or check “The Missing Truck Driver Alert Network” page on Facebook. We might not know, Dyke might be out there cold, lost, hungry, and helpless.

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