Learn To Drive A Truck At Schneider National, Inc.

Learn To Drive A Truck At Schneider National, Inc.


Schneider National is one of the biggest U.S. trucking companies, and also one of the most successful. The firm pulls in awards for their policies and employees. They are recognized for efforts to reduce emissions and provide a safe, positive environment for workers. In fact, many of their thousands of drivers all over the United States have logged more than one million hours without having an accident. This is an enviable record, and one which any student driver should aspire to achieve. This is why training with Schneider National is such a good start to a truck driving career.

Safety is important to Schneider National. That is why training consists of in-class portions as well as on-the-job training with a strong focus on avoiding accidents. Students learn to drive an oil tanker or a big rig, but many of the basic study components and techniques will be the same. Schneider National sends students out on the road with experienced teachers before letting them go out on their own. The idea is not just to learn the job of driving a big rig, handling freight, and so on, but to also feel safe and confident with defensive driving skills nailed down. Once you are trained, Schneider National must hire you within 60 days so that your skills are fresh.

Chances are you will get hired if you did a good job as the company is always looking for drivers. Although the company works with driving schools all over North America and you do not have to stay with Schneider National once you are trained, their website makes it clear that many individuals choose this firm to work for. Even if they go elsewhere to work for a while, many come back before too long.

Schneider National can afford to train drivers even if they get hired somewhere else because drivers pay a tuition fee. This fee is reimbursed to students who graduate if they paid from their own pockets. Of course, if you do not apply with Schneider National, they keep your money, although they do pay you while you work. Driving with Schneider National provides numerous advantages besides exceptional safety. For one thing, they have terminals all over the place: in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Missouri and more. They move freight regionally, nationally and internationally. Employees are so enthusiastic that they are shown giving positive testimonies online. Putting a face to words of praise is highly convincing and effective advertising.

Drivers must be over the age of 21 to drive for Schneider National. They need to have a strong work ethic and a clean driving record to start with. You cannot expect to get accepted onto the training program just because you have a few thousand dollars to invest in training. Schneider National is looking for particular candidates, the ones who will prolong their safe driving record and reputation.

This reputation is important to them as it gives consumers confidence that when they hire Schneider National to transport their goods over a long distance, those goods will arrive intact. Insurance repays money, but cannot make up for the hassle of cleaning up an accident or replacing damaged goods. Some items cannot be replaced no matter how much money an insurance company coughs up. Clearly, a standard of safe driving is something that matters to clients, and Schneider National drivers should be able to provide that.

Employees at Schneider National are also valued. Once you are trained to work for the company, you can expect to find that you are not just a driver, but a person. Training does not stop at the garage: it continues as you experience the attitude Schneider National demonstrates towards its valued drivers. Learn an attitude of respect which you can use in your working life, but also when you become a trainer yourself later on.

Learn what kind of social environment employees are expected to provide for one another back at the depot. Schneider National provides drivers with a lot of down time so they can be with family and also enjoy activities they always took part in. Keep fit during the hours and days between assignments and come back to work feeling ready for the long or short haul, feeling respected and refreshed. A good firm understands that high morale is a company asset.

Benefits are substantial too. Although you will not qualify immediately or during training, these will include medical, vision and dental coverage if you stay. Earn money during statutory holidays and also take paid vacations.

None of this is really what learning to drive a truck with Schneider National is about. These are fringe benefits that entice potential employees to join their ranks. What really encourages drivers to stay with Schneider National once they are trained is the training experience. If you want to be like the driver who is training you, then you know you are in the right place to adopt safe and efficient methods for completing jobs on time and without incident.

td>Schneider truck driving schoolSchneider Headquarters:
3101 South Packerland Drive
Green Bay, WI

Schneider free truck driving school CDL trainingSchneider National is North America’s largest private truckload carrier with ton of opportunities for new drivers, and operates throughout the US and Canada.
  • Founded in 1935.
  • Operates 14,000 tractors, 40,000 trailers, and has partnerships with over 6,000 carriers
  • Headquartered in Green Bay, WI
  • Service provided throughout North America.
  • Drives more than five million loaded miles per day
  • Utilized by two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies
  • Operates out of 36 locations in North America
  • Gained ISO 9002 certification on July 20, 1998
  • Operations include:
  • Van/truckload
  • Dedicated
  • Expedited
  • Bulk
  • Western Regional
  • Intermodal
  • Transportation Management
  • Freight Brokerage
  • Air/ocean Freight Forwarding


  • Winner of dozens of awards throughout the industry

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