“I’ get this question a lot because gonzotrucker is a local driver now. A lot of current and new driver’s want to be (home every night)! “There are some major differences in being a local truck driver”, and an over the road truck driver. The number one difference is a local truck driver will have to unload the truck! Some of the local companies like FedEx, mcclain food services, sisco, and your local grocery stores all have to unload the trailer when they arrive at their destinations. Other local companies like ups, roadway and some smaller companies all you do is drop and hook relays like what i do, and we have route bids every 6 months depending on time with the company you can bid on a better route (no unloading) I unloaded my trailer for 4 years until i had enough seniority to bid on a relay route.
Now all i do show up pre trip and fuel my truck, fill out my log book then drive 3 hours, drop and hook, make a turnaround of 3 hours post trip the truck and go home! 5 days a week 40 hours a week with a It’s a very boring job i don’t see anything new. I have a very boring (but secure) work routine a regular 9 to 5 job with a high “Truck Driver Salary” . So it’s a very “different” type of truck driving job. It’s not for everybody but for some it’s a truck drivers dream job come true, and as far as the pay some local truck driving jobs pay as much or “more” then over the road truck driving jobs.
As a local driver you will get paid by the hour and mileage based pay ho ho that means a higher “Truck Driver Salary” right? Well not always it depends on how high your hourly pay is? But some companies pay really good Mcclain food services, frito lay and Walgreens all pay really high, some of their drivers are earning up to $65,000 a year thats a very high “truck driver salary” and home every night or every other night, and there are some advantages to being home every night you won’t have the expenses of being over the road like food! Ho ho just make a lunch at home to go every day.
So now you may be asking how can i become a local truck driver? Well its like any other job first you have to get your (CDL) as explained in my other post “how to become a truck driver”. Then you need to get experience either as a local truck driver from the start or go over the road for one year. Then open your local newspaper and search for local driving jobs at first you will get the ones that dont pay really well!! In the trucking industry higher pay depends on experience.

Secret to earning 75,000 a year as a local Truck Driver

Now you will have to prove to this company that you’re willing to unload trailers (most otr drivers are not) thats why if your experience is over the road most local companies will shy away from you! So prove to them by being “persistent” that this is what you want. Most trailers are unloaded with a pallet jack anyway not too bad. Then as you get some experience being a local truck driver you can look around your area and talk with other local truck drivers to find the highest “Truck Driver Salary”, and the type of freight you want to haul “I.E” general grocery delivery, fuel tankers, mail freight, or a local relay route no touch freight.

Some companies like Frito lay only accept applications online thats fine when your home go and find a frito lay truck driver and talk with him or her and maybe get them as a reference, this company pays by the load its all hand unloaded but the “Truck Driver Salary” is very high you can earn up to $75,000 a year with them! Then UPS this company you will have to start out working on the docks loading and unloading trucks. Ups only hires from within its a great job for a young man to get started, two years on the docks then they will train you and put you in a truck. Again ups pays a very high “Truck Driver Salary” up to $75,000 a year and with ups its all no touch freight just drop and hooks.

“Or you may wish haul cars yes there is local car haulers too”, Toyota and Nissan and ford all of the major auto makers use local drivers to deliver cars, and auto parts in a dry van and all pay really good. We all want a higher Truck Driver Salary. I talked with a Toyota car hauler driver, and he told me he was earning $2000 a week. There are even opportunities for owner operators who want to own their own truck but be a local truck driver. So there are a lot of local trucking jobs out there you just need to go and get them. During the holiday season is the best time to get a local truck driving job.


Here some links to these jobs now go get them

Mcclain food service, Cpc logistics, Frito lay, Roadway, Saia, Us food service, Toyota, Nissan, Cardinal, UPS, Fed ex, Kohler, all of these companys pay really well, and you will be home every night. They dont use recruiters the best company dont. So just do a search for them on the internet or your local newspapper.

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  1. chris ryan says:

    What local driving companys are near Palestine, texas 75839?

  2. One company I recomend Chris Ryan is cpc logistics. They have the Walgreens, Toyota, and many more accounts nationwide. Also you can try trucking companies like Roadway, Estes, or your local news paper. Just because they don’t have a yard or terminal in your area does not mean they don’t have any runs through your area. So try these companies then get back with me here if your still having trouble finding one. Thanks for reading my website, and have a Happy New Year.


  1. truckers says:

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