Manila City Truckers Reject Ban

2014 Philippine Trucking News – Manila City Truckers Reject Ban

An amendment on the ongoing daytime truck ban is currently being introduced by Manila’s city government, which was implemented on February 24. However, this adjustment was greeted with disagreement from both truck operators, and truck drivers.

This amendment was the result of a joint meeting between the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, and the Commission on Human Rights, plus other representatives from local government units.

Under the new rule, trucks will be granted a five-hour window to enter the city of Manila from 10 in the morning, to 3 in the afternoon. Originally, these trucks are allowed to transport their goods from 9 in the evening, to 5 in the early morning of the next day.

Trucking organizers and haulers mentioned that that this five-hour window is not enough to lodge the 4,000 trucks found in Manila’s port, because it can only hold up to 800 trucks.

Abraham Rebao, the director of an organization of truck owners called the Aduana Business Club Inc. (ABCI), said that it is not possible to send trucks inside these ports in only a span of five hours. They will, instead, be forced to find a parking spot on the streets. However, these vehicles will still be apprehended.

Rebao also mentions that this group is requesting for a cancellation of Ordinance 8336. And they are also asking for trucks to be given access to Manila roads for 24 hours. Rebao adds that they are also asking the government of Manila to recall the rule regarding truck banning, since this will lead to even more losses when it comes to business, both imports and exports. He suggests that instead of giving a truck ban, trucks should be allowed on the road for 24 hours a day.

Mary Zapata, president of the ABCI, says that any modification should be agreed upon by all parties, and be placed into writing. Zapata says that matters should be discussed thoroughly with these organizations to avoid the bad experiences dealing with them in the past.

Members who are a part of truckers’ associations resumed their “holiday”, as a sign of disapproval against the daytime truck ban that is being imposed in Manila’s city government.

It was revealed that those trucks that came from the Integrated North Harbour Truckers’ Association (INHTA) were the ones who started putting their trucks in a complete halt. They said that they will continue to do this until the truck ban has been removed, or even suspended.

Truckers said these window hours that were given to them are not enough to regularize their trucking business, emphasizing that they still want to obey the system that was implemented by the MMDA.

Under a city regulation which became the reason for the truck ban, trucks are now allowed into the streets of Manila, except from 9 in the evening to 5 in the early morning, and the window hours of 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Teddy Gervacio, who is the president of the INHTA, says that they will continue to operate only if this rule has been suspended, and implements a status quo instead.

Manila City Truckers Reject Ban

Manila City Truckers Reject Ban


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