Message about the truck driver shortage

Hi there,

My name is David, and I just wanted to say Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
First off, I am 18 years old, and live in Caledon, ON (20 mins from Toronto, ON Canada). My main issue as i mentioned is age. In Ontario most companies require a minimum age of 21  for either insurance purposes or for their driver to cross the border.


As you can recall, I’m only 18. But should my age really defy the kind of driver I am? I know i’m young, so I decided to take my Class “A” licence at one of Ontario’s best commercial driving schools. Humber College. This school stands out from MANY other schools because of the in-class time, in- truck training, and the information taught. Also the price of the course, haha. Humber’s course cost roughly $6000. Whereas the other small truck cost $1500-2000. Huge price gap right? Well, I have a friend that took it at a different school and payed $1500. I wondered what the heck the difference was.


Then it dawned on me as I went on a run with him. He doesnt do half the things I do. His pre-trip consists of him walking around the truck kicking the tires, and driving off. Takes him less then 10 mins to do his. My pre-trip takes me at least half an hour. At Humber we’re trained on everything. Circle check, Pop the hood make sure everything is tight, secure, and not leaking under there, do a pre-trip on the trailer and an in-cab check.


Now you’re thinking why is this guy telling me all this. My friend is 28, I am 18, see the difference in quality of work? Why should I be refused work because of my age? (No disrespect to my friend) I drive safer than him, Do my logs properly, and make sure im 100% of everything before I hit the road. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten my licence since February 2013. I didnt get a driving job until June… That didnt work out for me because the guy that was training me, wanted me to break to many rules on the road, so I decided, before somebody gets hurt or before I lose my license, I should walk away.


Here comes the part where the driver shortage comes in. My input on the shortage would be to have insurance companies lower the age so companies can hire young people. To an extent though. The insurance company could have a list of recommended schools that they trust etc… Think about it, I’m 18. Once I finished high-school, I knew this was the career I wanted. I applied for college and university, and got accepted. Trucking is just something I want to do for the rest of my life. Here’s something else to ponder on. Young – adults like me don’t come along to often. Most people want to do office work, or anything that involves technology or nursing. If I had gone to college or University, by the age of 21, I would probably never even think about trucking again. I’ve already committed to a career in something else.


Sorry, if this took up your time. I just wanted to share my input on the shortage. I tried to make it as short as I could. I could go on forever.
Thanks very much, I appreciate it.
Enjoy your day or night
David S
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