More Truck Driving Schools in the US and Canada

2013 US and Canadian Trucking Guide – More Truck Driving Schools in the US and Canada

Driving students can afford to go to driving schools. The cost is also reasonable. Paying for a truck driving school that has assistance can be easy. The tuition of these schools can vary by location and program, but there are several alternatives that can assist the student driver.

US Truck Driving Schools

SAGE Truck Driving Schools offer tractor trailer training to get the student a CDL license, or pass the CDL test. Each student receives an extensive instruction on truck driving, as well as maximum truck driving time behind the wheel. SAGE’s driver training programs were designed to meet or exceed PTDI (Professional Truck Driver’s Institute) standards. Certain SAGE locations have also been certified by the PDTI. PDTI programs are nationally recognized by many as among the foremost trucking school programs in the United States. Their successful truck driving job placing assistance for students and graduates of SAGE truck driving schools have set a high standard across the country for excellence.

SAGE’s Truck Driving Programs include a curriculum that provides the student with enough knowledge and necessary skills to become a level-entry driver, or an over-the-road truck driver. The program consists of 150 hours of instruction (44 one-student-per-week driving hours) that are conducted in over 14-15 weeks. It meets the needs of the students that have no prior knowledge or experience in truck driving.

The quickest way to get the student’s driving career moving is by paying for the training himself. Although there are limited sources of funds and loans, he may not qualify for all of them and often take time to process. SAGE has also established relationships with lenders that specialize in truck driving school loans. SAGE accepts major credit cards.

SAGE will help the student set up an employer paid loan. This tuition can also be paid by an employer, after all the provided reimbursement. SAGE can also get students pre-hired so the driver will know that he will get a job once he is finished.

SAGE also has select carrier partners that help with the expenses of the school for qualified students, in exchange for a working commitment.

Allstate Commercial Driver Training School was founded in 1975, and has been providing good quality instruction, as well as training, to prospective professional truck drivers for over 30 years. Allstate dedicates itself to the vocational education of those students who are motivated to pursue careers as professional truck drivers. Academic preparation is also offered with practical training leading to a commercial driver’s license, as well as entry-level skills in the trucking industry. It is open seven days per week, with private lessons that run for 1.5 hours long. The student gets to pick and choose the days and times that he is available to train. He can also change his schedule each week, creating convenience for full-time employees and students.

Their CDL Class License A lets the driver operate any combination of vehicles that have a gross weight of 26,000 lbs or more. This class is available 7 days a week. Students will be provided with practical direction, as well as study materials to obtain the following endorsements: Hazmat, Tanker, Combination Vehicles, TWIC, and Passenger.

Allstate also offers employment services for its graduates. These employment services are also offered to temporary agencies and direct employers who are currently hiring to find the best candidate for their employment needs.

Delta Technical College is for those students who are just starting their career education or are looking to enhance their current professional position. Delta provides a diverse mixture of technical and educational programs, and has earned a good reputation for meeting the needs of the people of the Mississippi delta region. Their small class sizes, combined with hands-on training, create a personalized education that assures their graduates that they are well prepared for success.

Courses include 40 hours of classroom training, and 128 hours training on practice ranges and over-the-roads. Other courses include Mississippi CDL knowledge, driver’s safety, and training range practice and public & employer relations. Outside funding, students may look into any private loan from a bank.

Students may be eligible for financial aid, such as Veterans’ Benefits, and workforce investment act. Delta Tech is also approved for the following financial aid programs: Federal Pell Grant William D. Ford Direct Loan Program, the Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan, and the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. Cash, credit card, cashiers’ check, and money orders are accepted.

Canadian Truck Driving Schools

Northern Resource Trucking Limited Partnership (NRT). NRT’s one-year training program’s personnel encourages students to stay in school, keep a clean license, and consider all the opportunities a career as an NRT driver can offer, either as a driver of one of NRT’s fleet of company rigs, or as an owner-operator. Every year, NRT picks a new group of driver students from applications that they have received from partner communities throughout the north.

There are a lot of things to master in NRT, including progressive shifting, understanding the paperwork and billing system, and being familiar with chemicals and their safe handling. Students must also learn how to service and maintain their trucks, and to be able to do minor repairs on the road.

Danbro Truck Training is one of Hamilton’s truck training schools. Their qualified driver trainers will prepare students for a rewarding career in the transportation industry. Danbro is also a member of the TTSAO, and is registered as a private career college, under the private career colleges act of 2005. Danbro is committed to give their students the very best chance of trucking success.

Certificate courses include the Danbro Truck Training Graduation Certificate, the TTSAO Truck Training Schools of Ontario Certificate, and the Professional Driver Improvement Course Certificate. Danbro’s trucks and equipment are clean and well-maintained to promote their highest level of learning. There is even a third party maintenance facility on-site, that ensures that truck repairs can be done quickly and easily, allowing for maximum road use by students and clients.

Modern Training Ontario offers commercial training packages, designed and approved by the trucking industry for every entry-level driver. Their professional TTAO driver training program is recognized by the transportation insurance industry. This makes it more pleasing for trucking companies to hire graduates with TTAO Insurance Accredited Diploma. Modern Training Ontario also provides lifetime job placement assistance, to qualified graduates that meet their placement criteria.

Their classes, which consist of AZ (for tractor trailers), BZ (school buses) and CZ (coach) DZ (dump/fire trucks) are offered in the latest model equipment. TTAO instructors are ready to train your full potential in all aspects of truck, trailer, and bus operations.


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