My New CDL Job

                                                I’m back to work driving




I took eight months off work to live in the Philippine’s, and work on this website. I came back to the states on January 9th It’s now January 30th. When I first got back I started searching right away for the best paying CDL job’s In Indiana where I am now located. I knew I  wanted a local cdl job because they tend to pay more than OTR Trucking Job’s do!  I was right because I put my application on the Internet for trucking job’s,  almost right away I started getting phone call’s. Most of the phone calls were from big OTR Trucking Companies. I took the call’s to find out what would they pay me to drive  OTR   “Over The Road”  Every single one of them told me the pay is $900 to $1200 a week which made me laugh. I’m a professional Truck Driver I told them.  If you want me to drive OTR Trucking you have to pay me $1500 to $1700 a week.  To answer your question yes there are OTR Trucking Companies that pay $1700 a week, and most of them are right here on my website.



I also know the best way to get a good Local CDL Job is to get out, and look around. So that was my next step drive around town looking for daycabs trucks.  When I would find one parked at a store or the local truck stop, I would go up to the Truck Driver and talk with them.  I would ask questions like are you hiring?  What is the pay at this Trucking Company?  How far is the yard from my house?  Then I would come home, and look the company up on the Internet.  That is how I found a high paying  Trucking Company.  I’m going to work for them tomorrow.  This company does food service delivery to a local grocery store chain. I will be home every night with holidays off, and the pay is $1200 to $1600 every week. I will be paid hourly with a bonus every quarter for safety. They offer all the major benefits like medical, dental, optical, and a great 401k match.



What I will be doing is loading the truck at the warehouse with a pallet jack. Then drive to the store, and unload with a pallet jack. Two stop’s or two Deliverys a day with a backhaul sometimes.  All It took me was Three weeks to get this Amazing Local Truck Driving job.  This is the type of CDL  job most of you should be shooting for.  You can find great Trucking companies right here on my website.  I did most of the work for you already. All you have to do is start applying for these great paying job’s.  Tomorrow I will start three day training then I will get my truck, and start work. I wish you luck in your next CDL Job hunt. But you don’t need much luck because you have this site to guide you in getting the top paying Trucking Job’s in the Transportation Industry period.  Remember friends If you ever have any questions you can find me on Facebook, and Twitter or email me at







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