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Hey buddy, My name is John ****. I live in Atlanta Ga. I’m 24 years old and currently going on my Fifth Year of being a police officer. I’ve been married for a year and 2 months and I have a 2 month old son. Things have been getting tight in regards to finances in my home. My wife lost her job a few months back and well my check seems to get smaller and smaller every year. I haven’t had a raise since my second year with the department. I recently did the math on how much I actually bring home(after taxes, insurance, pension, etc are taken out), and my grand total came out to 28k a year. I’ve been looking at other departments and looking into trucking. I’ve always been fascinated with trucks and the lifestyle. Having an understanding that as a rookie coming in I would have to do OTR, do you think it would be a good move to make(financially)? How much, on average do you think I will make in my first year? And should I make this transition, should I go to a company that offers their on schooling or should I go to a private trucking school. Any other tips, advise, and information you may have would be greatly appreciated. As a matter of fact, here is my cell number, feel free to call 678-***-****. Thanks so much for your time!


To answer your question John first year truckers can expect to earn between $30,000 to $40,000 the first year.  That is before taxes, and other expenses.  Things to remember out on the road you will need to eat. Expect to spend around $20 a day on food, and drinks on the road. You can cut that amount down of course by getting a small refrigerator in the truck, and bringing food from home.  You can find these at the truck stop or on Amazon for less.

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Company paid Trucking School, and Private Paid Trucking Schools both offer advantages. In my opinion for your situation I would go with Company Paid Trucking School. They will pay for everything all you will need to do is show up. Also with company paid school there is no need to pay back the tuition, and It’s guaranteed employment after school. I would expect to earn the same as you are now maybe a little more. But after one year in the trucking Industry the sky is the limit for your trucking career. You can go local L T L  and be home every night with your family, and earn well over $50,000 a year. But be prepared that first year, and first couple of months to be very tight on money at home. Thanks for question John feel free to ask more If you have them.

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