NFL and Truck Stops


I rember watching the 1985 chicargo bears beat the New England Patriots with my dad, as a kid.  That’s my earlist memeory of the NFL ever sisnse i’ve watched every Superbowl. One year my neibors cow out, and wandered onto our farm during the superbowl. When the old farmer came to get it he was bitching because he was missing the game due to this cow, the next day he slughtered the cow!!!

Every year i Drove a truck over the road i whould stop, and watch the super bowl no matter what the load, and my dispatchers knew in advance.  My first super bowl out on the road was jan. 25th 1998 the Denver Broncos beat the green bay packers 31-24.  I was in Atlanta at the Travel center’ of america Truck Stop watching the game with other truckers in the truckers tv room.  The following year was Denver Broncos beat the atlanta falcons 34-19 i was at the fling j truck stop in el paso texas.

I have so many memories of watching the NFL, even playoff games at truck stops all across this nation. remeber the superbowl with the st. lous rams vs tenneseee titans?  Wher the titans lost by just one yard on the final play wow what a game that was. I watched that at a rest area on the tv in my sleeper in new york state.  After the game me, and other truckers were on the cb talking all about how it was the greatest superbowl of all time.  The following year i was at a small truck stop in mt. pleasent Iowa when the town lost power. Only place in town with a backup generator was the truck stop. So 90% of the town’s men came to watch the Baltimore Ravens beat the New York giant’s with a bunch of truckers.

Any given sunday at truck stops all across this nation, and the world you will find truck driver’s watching sporting events. I’ve spent a lot of time at truck stops watching NFL football with truck drivers i whould never meet again.  Febuary 3, 2002 the New England Patriots beat the St. Louis rams i was watching at the Travel center’s of America truck stop in Gary indiana, a truck stop i whould never go into except to watch the superbowl!!!   January 26, 2003 the tampa bay buccaneers beat the oakland raider 48-21,  i was at a pilot in some small town in Kentucky. They had no tv so a truck driver got the one out of his sleeper, and broung it inside so we can all watch together.  NFl, and the superbowl will draw men together like fly’s every truck driver to enter the pilot stoped to watch that game with us.

Febuary 1, 2004 New England Patriots vs Carolina Panthers 32-29 New England.  I was parked at South of the border truck stop dillion, south carolina. One truck driver set up a BBQ grill, and tv. We all watched the game in front of his truck, and had some great BBQ . That was a great memory of watching the super bowl on the road. These are some of my memories, What are yours please share with us in the comment section under this post. Have a great day, and i hope where ever you are they have a tv so you ca watch the game. Right now im at home watching the Jets vs Patriots the score is pats 10 jets 0.

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