No Truck Parking: Coon Rapids, Minnesota


No Truck Parking


Truckers always have a lot of things to deal with, but one recent issue has a lot of people up in arms. The story basically happened that a trucker parked his rig in a parking space at a truck stop in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, when he stopped to read a note on the driver’s side window on the truck next to him. He read the note which basically said that there is no overnight parking allowed for trucks in this shopping center, because the city council had passed an ordinance in spring to help prevent trucks from parking there. They thought the trucks were eyesores and didn’t want people in the city to have to see them there.

Obviously being a trucker, this was very insulting and he soon after posted the picture so other truckers could see what had happened. This sparked outrage among truckers, who understand firsthand just how important truckers are, what they supply to cities, including Coon Rapids. The businesses would not be able to run if they did not receive the items they needed, the majority of which are brought on a truck. Truck stops are always full because they are always so busy, making it more difficult than ever for trucks to find a place to stop during the night, or day if they are driving all night.

Truckers all around the United States and even the rest of the world are getting irritated over this, because it seems that every day there is a new place they aren’t allowed to park in, making their job that much more difficult. It is understandably rude and insulting to realize that the people who are taking advantage of what the trucks and truckers are bringing, are the ones who are being the most inconsiderate.

The issue of having no truck parking in this area has sparked outrage, namely among truckers but also many others. They are taking steps to make sure they are not having to deal with such issues. They need a place to park in order to drive places and get their products where they need to go, and people need to be aware of this. People are not being understanding and this particular case shows just how rude they can be.

OOIDA, or Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, will likely be taking them to court if needed, as they have with other cities and companies in the past. In fact, just last month they already dealt with a case in the same area as Coon Rapids, which is only adding more fuel to the fire for most of the truckers out there. They can’t believe that the city would cause another uproar when they just dealt with a case recently.

Truckers deserve to be respected, and if more people were aware of exactly what they rely on truckers for, which many people aren’t aware of, they may change and be more understanding and accepting. There need to be ample room for truckers to pull over and get rest when they need to, instead of making it difficult and frustrating. There are enough issues to worry about when you’re out on the road, and many truckers are actually having to rely on late-night gas stations and other businesses, asking them personally if they are able to spend a few hours there to get some rest. This is absolutely ridiculous and should be not happening, in the United States or anywhere else for that matter. If not for truckers, the businesses would have nothing to offer, so something needs to be done so there can be a stop put to this sort of treatment against truckers everywhere.

The country relies on trucking for most of its stores and shopping centers, and it’s absolutely ludacris that someone would consider the trucks as eyesores and not allow them to stay there as a result. More and more truckers are talking about this issue and it has caused a lot of anger and frustration in the trucking community. Of course there are always two sides of the story and not all truckers are on this side, but the majority feel that this was not right and that something should be done so it doesn’t happen again.

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