Not earning enough money as a rookie Truck Driver


< “Yesterday I met a new truck driver in the industry”, Frank from Iowa.  He was just 6 months out of trucking school,  and told me he loves the job but is just not earning enough money!  So he was rethinking a career in trucking when i said wait a minute lets see what you’re doing wrong?   So we went to the liars bench outside of the Petro truck stop in Eloy Arizona to discuss what he is doing wrong.  First he told me he was tired of eating at truck stops every night that’s his first mistake!  Eating at the truck stop cost’s a lot and is not healthy,  $10 dollars or more per meal and makes your body fatigue. 






So I told him he needs to start eating healthy and cheap.  Go to wal- mart and get some healthy foods invest in a microwave on the truck.  He is spending $200 a week eating at the truck stops when he can live $80 a week from wal- mart.  Then the health factor if you’re not eating healthy you can’t drive as many miles because you will get fatigue faster.  Then I asked frank how was his relationship with his dispatcher?  Frank told me bluntly he is a dickhead well that’s not a good attitude.  Make your dispatcher your friend do a lot of small runs on time, and safely without complaint then ask for a long load.  “Have a can do attitude  with your dispatcher”, and he will recognize you as one of his better drivers, and start to treat you with the same respect you show him.  “Also I told frank to check in with his dispatcher every day”,  let him know your name and that you care about the quality of the job you do for him every day.







Me and frank talked for a couple of hours and after we talked he walked away with the information needed to start earning more money as a rookie driver and to have longevity in the trucking industry.  There are many other little things you can do to earn more money as a rookie truck driver or a seasoned veteran of trucking.  “It’s” not very hard to earn a good living in trucking if you have the right attitude”, and the correct information to start out with.  So the morale of this story is work hard and think smart and you will earn a lot of money being a truck driver.  Gonzotrucker

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  1. This is excellent advice. I’ve always known it was cheaper to eat in the truck, but I’d never really put it together that it actually gives you more energy to drive further, meaning you’ll get more miles. Good call.

    Todd McCann

  2. gonzotrucker says:

    Todd I’ve always practiced this method because driving 11 hours takes a lot of stamina. It’s always better to stay healthy so you can run more miles and get a better night sleep. Trucking is just like any other job you need to be physically fit for the job.

  3. THE Denali Dad says:

    Not only is buying and preparing your food less expensive and healthier, it also helps your brain function better. Having a higher functioning brain will help you find even better ways to eat healthy because you will feel better. The snacks you buy will be better for you. The sodas you drink will start to taste tinny and not-so-good. And best of all, the WATER you drink will taste better. And believe it or not, the more water you drink while traveling long distances, the less you will have to pee. Your body needs WATER to function well and most humans do not drink enough.

    I spent years flying professionally and know whereof I speak!


    And if you’re healthy you can run more miles. Which equals more money at the end of the week. Thanks for the great comment Denali dad


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