“Occupy Wall Street Phoenix” My trip Into The Darkness

occupy wall street phoenix www.gonzotrucker.com

occupy wall street phoenix www.gonzotrucker.com

occupy wall street phoenix www.gonzotrucker.com

occupy wall street phoenix www.gonzotrucker.com

Occupy wall street phoenix

This was my trip into the void that is occupy wall street phoenix.  What i seen What i did, and Who i met and talked to.  First i should say that im completely neutral to the protest.  The location of the protest is 3rd Ave and Jefferson street phoenix arizona.  I started my day like any other coffee and a shit then watched the news. On the morning news was a story 8 occupy phoenix protesters arrested overnight. They were arrested for sleeping in the wrong spot. Im now thinking what if something happens while im there? Well that’s all good because i will get some great video of it.  After a long dump and smoke i took a shower got dressed, and started my journey from Maricopa, AZ to phoenix to see what this was all about.  It’s a 1 hour drive into the beast that is a phoenix arizona from my house. But for me it took 30 minutes because my truck has good tires, and  fair brakes, with a 5 speed transmission, and steel balls i drove 95 mph most of the way. I arrived at the occupy phoenix protest around 1 pm well it was a very long dump so i left late.  One of those crap’s that you have to stand up to finish, Anyways back to the story.

Arrival occupy phoenix location

I parked close by and payed the city of phoenix through a parking meter $ 1 dollar an hour to park on a city street that my tax dollars paid for (Double taxation) if you ask me. Then headed up the street to find these people the media calls lazy bums, and find out for myself who or what they are. Because i dont trust the media very much i had to do my own research on whether or not these people were lazy. What i first seen was some tents, and maybe 30 people holding signs. Then there was this guy let’s just call him alex in the street holding a sign, and protesting. His sign reads “Honk if you’re in debt” you can see the video of alex on this website. After speaking with alex i went over to the food tent where they had food donated to them and i met some very interesting people there. Then i cruised on over to the medical station they had set up in a tent or canopy if you will. There i met mary (all of the names have been changed so gonzotrucker cant get sued) mary was an older lady in her late 30s early 40s and she was running the medical station here. We talked for oh about 20 minutes i also met mike a long haired vegan, and Joey a younger guy in his late 20s. All were very nice to me so we talked about occupy phoenix for awhile and why there were there (i forgot why).

Jordan old man occupy phoenix


This old man was a trip a real old hippy i want to say but not really. He lives far in the desert by himself but he came to the protest just to see what’s going on.  He bummed a smoke then a light, and we started to chat about oh about

occupy wall street phoenix www.gonzotrucker.com

anything and everything ho ho!!.  He told me about the time he was in las vegas having dinner with the former owner of the Sahara, and he said they spent all night having orgy’s on the strip back in the 60s.  Then he told about a porn he did with his wife back in the 70s. This old guy was out there. I had fun talking to him he sounds like a party. I dont know why he was there either i forgot to ask.


Occupy Phoenix Police

All around me was phoenix police more of them than protesters it seemed. I even saw some detectives there just watching. It all seemed like a big mess to me with not much really going on when i was there. So after talking to jordan i was getting bored, and hungry so i left. My trip home was more exciting so to report on what i have seen there (not much my friends). So the morale of this story is like umm  the protest? Shit i dont know what it is. Why was i there? Did they see me? Am i really writing this? or just thinking it? These are some of the questions i now have. Im confused do any of you know what the Occupy Wall Street is about? If so tell me so i can pass it on. But to tell you the truth i dont think anyone knows.




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