Oil Field Trucking Jobs in Demand in the U.S.

As a consequence of the recent shale oil boom in the United States, there are more and more oil field trucking jobs in demand.

With the discovery of huge exploitable reserves in areas like West Texas, the U.S. will soon become world’s top oil producer. However, drilling for oil requires workforce, and, at the moment, it seems that there is some shortage of qualified workers.

Among the most needed workers are truck drivers. All the drilling equipment (drilling rigs, tanks, pipes, pumping units, heaters) needs trucks to be transported to the installation sites, while crude oil, as well water and sand used in fracking need to be carried away. The oil and gas industry in the U.S. required 66,000 more trucks in 2012 compared to the previous year.

At the beginning of this year, there were around 2,000 oil field trucking jobs in demand, only in West Central Texas. The biggest shortage concerns drivers that are qualified and experienced in transporting oil field equipment and materials (including hazardous materials). Local trucking companies are complaining about the difficulty of finding and keeping their personnel. This causes a fierce competition between employers.

And the good thing for applicants is that this competition makes the wages go up. While the average annual wage for entry-level drivers is below $ 45,000, in oil fields such as those in West Texas, it can go as high as $ 70,000. Even $ 2,500 a week salaries are not uncommon.

Obviously, oil field trucking requires some special qualifications (most companies in this field also require two years of experience). A good driver should not only have endurance and be an expert in making his truck run, but he must be a good load supervisor, considering the sensitive nature of the material transported.

With thousands of oil field trucking jobs in demand, high salaries and low competition, the shale oil boom provides a great opportunity for all professional truck drivers.


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