Pilot Flying J fails to provide free WiFi to Truckers

This is another big failure for the Pilot Flying J truck stop chain. Every where you go in the USA you can find free WiFi, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box all of the hotels/motels now offer free WiFi. “Even some rest areas offer free WiFi.”  Tonight I decided to go down to the Pilot Flying J to eat at the Denny’s, and socialize with my fellow drivers.  I wanted to get on my website to do a little work, and I knew every Denny’s nationwide had free WiFi. They promote it on the Denny’s website. So I fired up the old laptop, and tried to connect. That’s when I find out there is no free WiFi.


So I started to ask questions from the manager. I was told that Denny’s does offer free WiFi but Pilot Flying J blocks the signal so they can charge Truck Drivers for the use!  I was infuriated when I was told this. Why would they do this to truck drivers who account for the majority of their business.  Let me ask you this do you really think they care about the professional driver? Not after finding this out I no longer believe they give a shit about us.


I started to do a little more research because I wanted to know what was going on. I went home, and got online for “Free” with the WiFi at my apartment. Which is totally free!   I see no reason why they can’t offer free WiFi to paying customers?  I found out they use a service called Wandering WiFi to provide the service to the truck stop. Well okay fine they need to charge to pay for the service I understand that. But are they so cheap they will not provide it free to the truck drivers who support them, and give them a paycheck? Also why would they block Denny’s free WiFi?  That in itself prove’s  to me they are profiting from this.  You would think with all the money Pilot Flying J earns they could provide this vital service to the professional truck driver free of charge. I also have a beef with Denny’s for allowing Pilot Flying to block the signal.




I encourage every driver to call the corporate office, and complain about this issue. Four wheeler’s can pull into any Denny’s nationwide, and get free WiFi, but the professional driver has to pay for it!     This should outrage you as it does me. Free WiFi is every where now except the only place for truck drivers to safely park at night. Here is that number please I urge you call, and let you’re voice be heard together we can make a difference.    1-877-866-7378


  1. Steven palazzolo says:

    They also block McDonald’s free wifi signal. I think that the Denny’s at truck stops are owned by pilot because they are individually owned and operated.

  2. Why would they block the signal from some where else if it’s not about making profits off of truckers.

  3. Amanda says:

    Weird… Every McDonald’s inside a Flying J/Pilot that I’ve been in still has free WiFi. I do think it’s kind of ridiculous to charge truck drivers for it but I think of it this way–if it was free, we’d all be bitching because every driver would be on it and none of us could do anything because it would be so freaking slow. Just a thought…

  4. Brett Mcbride says:

    I have a yearly flying j wifi and their wifi service is very slow. Forget about Netflix. It take an hour to stream 1 minute to watch, and several hours to download an episode of any tv series.

  5. I know this is old but the last post is from this year.

    I to have been frustrated by the paid Internet service available at PFJ. I am a cargo van expediter (I know, not a real trucker) and coverage in the car area is often nonexistent. Sometimes I have to move to the truck parking side to get a signal. Often the “real” truckers don’t like that. Even though I never occupy a full size truck spot unless the place is just empty.

    When I do find a signal it is still unusable at least half of the time. I either can’t connect, or it drops frequently, or it is so slow as to be unusable. I have seen it take over an hour to download a 30 minute podcast. At home this takes seconds.
    I often have to go find a McDonalds or Starbucks to get online. One of the advantages of being in a cargo van is that I have the freedom to go anywhere. Of course Starbucks is often crowded and I can’t get a seat, let alone one with a power outlet , and McDonalds wifi is often not much better than the Truckstop and good luck finding a power outlet at Mickey Ds. I will sometimes go into Denny’s, have a meal and use my laptop but I usually start getting the evil eye from the waitresses not too long after I finish eating. I will sometimes go into the drivers lounge and try to use my laptop actually on my lap but often the wifi doesn’t work there. I believe that is intentional. I have noticed some TAs now have a small area with some tables and plenty of power outlets that appears to be a place to sit and use a laptop with wifi. Being in a Sprinter I pretty much have to use PFJ in order to get showers. I can’t buy enough fuel to get showers at TA/Petro and there are just more PFJs out there so I am pretty much stuck with them.

    We all know the WiFi situation at most truck stops ( TA pretty much sucks too) is horrible.
    The real reason I decided to comment is to provide an update on the situation.

    I am currently at a PFJ and after my usual dance to find a parking spot where I can see the signal, instead of the usual log on page there is a page where they acknowledge that the WiFi service has been horrible (I am paraphrasing ) and that while they are working to fix it the WiFi service will be free. I am not sure if it is only this location or nation wide but I get the feeling from the page that it is nation wide. I ended up here as a result of searching for discussions or more information about this.

    On one hand that is great. On the other hand I just paid $20 for 31 days of service.
    I don’t mind paying $20 per month if the service will be awesome. I hope they really intend to make the service better.
    I really hope they don’t decide to just leave it free and crappy. An unusable free service is of no use to anyone. And if it is free you really can’t complain when it doesn’t work. What are you gonna do, ask for a refund?
    Here’s hoping that things are about to get a little better. While the the internet was once a luxury it is quickly becoming a necessity much like cell phones were once a luxury.

    Maybe one day the mobile service providers will run out of room to store all the money they are gouging from us and be forced to lower prices and raise data caps to a point that it is realistic to actually use for everyday stuff. For now in a time where everything is streaming this and streaming that, and hi def, us mobile people are largely left out.
    It is sad that I have a device in my pocket that can provide a very fast internet connection almost anywhere in the USA but I am not allowed to use it for much more than checking email or the bill will be astronomical . But that is a whole other topic.

    Sorry for the rant. All I really meant to say is that for now, PFJ has free Wifi.


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