Polar Vortex Affects Trucking for Fastener Companies

2014 US Trucking News – Polar Vortex Affects Trucking for Fastener Companies

After having low temperature for three days due to the Polar Vortex, fastener companies have gone back to work. A polar vortex is known as the flow of powerful, upper-level winds which surround the northern pole in a clockwise direction, which is a polar low pressure system. These winds have the tendency to keep the freezing air trapped in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The largest problem for Midwestern fastener companies was apparently, trucking. Bruce Wheeler of Star Stainless reported that everything was back to normal in Chicago. Schools have re-opened, truck drivers are driving, and the roads have been cleared of snow.

Bob Sachs of the XL Screw Corporation has recognized that the freezing weather made a lasting impact on some businesses over the past couple of days. It had also brought some hardships with trucks that deliver and pick up on the dot. Fortunately, their clients completely understand the situation.

The school closings and the harsh driving circumstances have created confusions, with a lot of their employees among their clients.

Sachs is also expecting the return of a regular flow of orders, since people are returning back to their jobs. He has also praised his employees for attending work everyday.

National sales manager for Chicago Hardware and Fixture, Jim Sullivan, has noticed that these interruptions were mostly caused by some postponed shipments because of the situation. But now everything is fine since their orders are slowly returning to pre-holiday levels.

Sullivan forecasted that the temperatures over the weekend are going to be close to 40 degrees.

Alina Agresto of Delta Secondary reports that they have resumed organizing three shifts in order to get the products out, but the products have been waiting for truck lines to appear. Lucky for her, UPS has been reliable when it comes to their Next Day Air shipments.

Jodi Stein, who works at Tom McCall and Associates, reports that the office building’s pipes, which were frozen before, are now working.

Last year, Aztech Locknut Company became the very first producer of fasteners to accomplish an ISO 50001 energy standard certification because of their plant found in suburban Chicago. The insulating blankets that were made for their dock doors might now be paying off.

Mark Kaindl, president of the Aztech Locknut Company, described their plant in Aurora, Illinois, as fine and toasty.

The O’Hare International Airport in Chicago has also made a new record low when the temperature fell to 16 degrees below zero at 8AM on Monday, January 6, 2014. Their wind chill also lowered to -42 degrees. The airport was covered in 11 inches of snow. Their earlier record of -14 degrees happened back in 1894 and 1988.

Even though Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced a position of disaster for the whole state, hundreds of schools in Illinois closed down, flights were delayed or cancelled, a lot of fastener companies still resumed production.

Wheeler points out that at least it wasn’t -29 degrees Fahrenheit just like in Russia, where nickels are mined to generate stainlessness.



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