Post Trip Inspection

Just as important as pre trip inspection for a high truck driver salary! When your truck runs good you earn money. So this is one of the most important things you can do as a truck driver to earn a good truck driver salary. All of this will be covered when you get your CDL training. But after training you should do this every day so your truck will always run at peak performance, and earn you more truck driver salary.


Post-Trip Inspections or DVIR’s are a Requirement of the DOT

Title 49

§ 396.11 is the legal basis for a post-trip inspection. Unlike the pre-trip-inspection, the DVIR must be a written report. CFR396.11 has 4 pieces to it. Each piece is required. They are:

  1. a written report is required
    • Every motor carrier shall require its drivers to report, and every driver shall prepare a report in writing at the completion of each day’s work on each vehicle operated and the report shall cover at least the following parts and accessories:
    • Service brakes including trailer brake connections
    • Parking (hand) brake
    • Steering mechanism
    • Lighting devices and reflectors
    • Tires
    • Horn
    • Windshield wipers
    • Rear vision mirrors
    • Coupling devices
    • Wheels and rims
    • Emergency equipment
  2. the report content
    • The report shall identify the vehicle and list any defect or deficiency discovered by or reported to the driver which would affect the safety of operation of the vehicle or result in its mechanical breakdown. If no defect or deficiency is discovered by or reported to the driver, the report shall so indicate. In all instances, the driver shall sign the report. On two-driver operations, only one driver needs to sign the driver vehicle inspection report, provided both drivers agree as to the defects or deficiencies identified. If a driver operates more than one vehicle during the day, a report shall be prepared for each vehicle operated.
  3. corrective action required
    • Prior to requiring or permitting a driver to operate a vehicle, every motor carrier or its agent shall repair any defect or deficiency listed on the driver vehicle inspection report which would be likely to affect the safety of operation of the vehicle.
      1. Every motor carrier or its agent shall certify on the original driver vehicle inspection report which lists any defect or deficiency that the defect or deficiency has been repaired or that repair is unnecessary before the vehicle is operated again.
      2. Every motor carrier shall maintain the original driver vehicle inspection report, the certification of repairs, and the certification of the driver’s review for three months from the date the written report was prepared.
  4. exceptions
    • The rules in this section shall not apply to a private motor carrier of passengers (non-business), a drive-away-tow-away operation, or any motor carrier operating only one commercial motor vehicle.


FMSCA Post-Trip Inspection Forms

If you do not currently not have a DVIR form or want to make sure your form is up to date you can find a form that is free on the FMSCA.DOT.GOVwebsite.

Remember, every DVIR must be maintained per § 396.11(c)(2) for three months from the date the written report was prepared.

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