How to be a private fleet truck driver higest Truck Driver Salary

Today Friend’s i want to tell you about private fleet’s. This should be your ultimate goal as a truck driver. I drive for a private fleet here in Arizona, they pay the highest “Truck Driver Salary”. What is a private fleet? Big company’s like wal-mart, Walgreens, Frito lay, ups, FedEx, even Harley Davidson has their own private fleet of truck’s. Even all the major auto comapny’s have private fleet’s such as Toyota, and Nissan. It’s cheaper for them to own their own truck’s, and they can control the quality of drivers! There for they pay better, the average private fleet truck driver earns $65,000 or more per year.

Some earn even more musicians, and sports teams use private fleet’s. You seen those truck’s with Nascar painted on them? Those haul the car’s, and all the equipment. NFL, NBA, NHL all have private fleet’s. You get the picture so this should be your ultimate goal as a truck driver. Most truck driver’s get paid mileage only, but private fleet drivers get an hourly salary for all on duty time. This equals $10,000 more per year wow yes that much more. Some even get paid to sleep in the truck for 10 hours. Would you like to get paid to sleep? “Not to mention the benefits they get”, paid medical, dental, optical and life insurance all paid by the company. Private Fleet truck drivers can earn more than a college graduate of a four year school!

How to be a Private Fleet Truck Driver?

So the big question is how to be a private fleet truck driver? Well they don’t hire just any old truck driver only the best! So you need to read my other post’s, and get some experience driving a truck first. Most private fleet’s require three years over the road truck driving, accident, and ticket free. With a good job background before, and after you become a truck driver. So go to truck driving school get your CDL license, then follow my instructions on finding a good company.

This is important because private fleet’s want to see a stable job background, so get with a decent company you can work three years for without quitting. Keep your driving record clean, no ticket’s or accident’s. In the mean time find private fleet truck drivers at the truck stop’s or other place’s you will go, and talk to them. Ask them questions about their company get a feel for their job. Ask them where they run out of, and what they haul, and there “Truck Driver Salary” Most truck driver’s are friendly, and will answer your questions you may have.

For New And Experienced Truck driver How to Be A Private Fleet Truck Driver and get the highest Truck Driver Salary

When you have time at home check around your local area for private fleet’s. Is there a wal- mart distribution center near you? What grocery store’s are in your area? Most major grocery store’s also use private fleet’s such as Kroger, Safeway, and even Albertson’s. Or any major sports team’s in your area? Check your local news papers most private fleet’s don’t recruit. As I’ve talked about before the best company’s to work for Dont use recruiter’s there is no need, Private fleet’s have truck driver’s lined up around the block trying to get a job there because of the Truck Driver Salary is so high.

Also the holiday’s are a great time to find these jobs. Most are temporary holiday work but that’s how you can get your foot in the door! That’s how i got my job, and now i earn $52,000 a year, and im home every night, and work 38 hours a week. Some truck Drivers for my company earn well over $75,000 a year with us, and are still home every night. When these company’s hire for temporary holiday help, they will keep some of the best truck driver’s from the group, and let the rest go. So get a holiday job, and distinguish yourself by being the best truck driver they have on the temporary holiday board.

Never refuse a load, and hand unload if asked. If it’s a sports team driving job you’re after? A little harder to get but not impossible! Go to the arena, and find the truck drivers’s in the parking lot, bring them a soda, and chat with them every time your home. Let them know who you are, and that someday you wish to work for them. Find out in conversation how to apply, and what type of experience you will need. If you bring me a free soda or pizza i will chat with you for sure. That’s the best way to get one of these private fleet job’s you have to know someone. So go meet the truck driver’s on a regular basis chat about the team they work for.

Dont be annoying, but just friendly. Find out where they live, and eat and frequent those places. Maybe they will see you there, and say hello to you. Then after some time ask them if you can use them as a reference not only did you make some new friend’s, but hopefully Co worker’s. You can do the same with grocery store private fleet truck driver’s. They deliver behind the store. “Ask the manager when they receive their delivery’s”, then you can go there at that time, and chat with the driver. Also there is UPS they pay extremely well, and most are home every night. To be a Ups Truck driver you have to start out on the dock loading truck’s. They only hire from within, and will train you to be a truck driver. This is a great opportunity for a young person, a couple of years on the dock, and you’re in. So in conclusion these truck driving job’s are hard to come by, but not impossible. I will add a link at the bottom of this page to some of these job’s, and will talk more later about private fleet job’s. Thanks my friend’s be safe out on the road, and go home soon to your family’s. GONZOTRUCKER



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