American Truckers

American Truckers

“American truck drivers”

We are the backbone of the country, without us the country would fall to pieces.  We drive long hours in all types of  bad weather “the load must get through.”  When everybody else is safe at home on a holiday,  the American truck driver is working tirelessly through the night.  “No matter  what hazards the road brings”  the American truck driver will deliver his load of “medicine, to the sick children at the hospital.”  “we get very little respect from the public”  yet we do the best we can.  “When traffic is bad and the bears out in full”  the truck driver never gives up.  “When there is a child dying of cancer,” and his last wish is to ride in a “truck,”  every truck driver for miles around shows up.  “When there is a natural disaster,”  and everyone else is running away,  we are going in with critical supplies. “When diesel prices are high” and regulations put on us we persevere. “No matter what it is you use”, a truck driver delivered it clothes, food, water,  all came by truck drivers. “Whether in the oil fields”  or in a war zone  there will be truck drivers, making their appointed pickups and deliveries.  “So when people ask” yes “I’m” very proud to be an “American Truck Driver.”

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