Safety Truck Driving Tips During Tornados and Severe Thunderstorms

2014 US Trucking Guide – Safety Truck Driving Tips During Tornados and Severe Thunderstorms

The tornado season lasts from April to June in the Midwestern states. Surviving a tornado and tornado safety always plays an important role. And since truck drivers are on the road all the time to earn a living, in both good and bad weather, with their driving comes the possibility of danger.

People always talk about the certain calm before the storm. Sometimes, before these tornadoes hit, that idea is seen in action, since heavy storms might appear to stop and all is quiet. If those characteristics are present, then that means that the storm is just gearing up.

The two most important things to remember when drivers are in their tractors and bad weather strikes is not to try and outrun the tornado, because that is nearly impossible.

Even in a tractor-trailer, commercial heavy-duty truck, or an 18-wheeler, the strength of a tornado is definitely something serious. Tornadoes, such as the one that hit Joplin, Missouri and Oklahoma this year, will pick up a tractor trailer and rip through the entire area. Drivers need to get away as far as possible from vehicles. If they can’t avoid the road or get caught in a dangerous situation, then they need to find a low spot or a ditch in the ground where they can stay in, and not become a victim to the myth of hiding underneath an overpass. While many people believe that an overpass is the safest place to hide in a tornado, it is actually one of the worst. Finding shelter under an overpass puts people at the greatest risk of injury, or even possible death from flying debris.

People should also stay away from trees since tornadoes are powerful enough to uproot them as well. They need to find a gully, a ditch, or a low spot in the ground and lie flat with their heads covered by an object, or even just their arms when they can’t find an object to use.

If drivers can avoid being on the road during foul weather, then that’s the best option. But if it’s not an option, then they need to get ready. Drivers should know the weather for the cities that they will be driving through that day. If the forecast is looking bleak, then they need to have a bag packed with water, non-perishable food, and water that they might need. They also need to make sure that the bag is accessible from the driver’s seat, just in case they need it right away. Drivers also need to stay aware of the radio stations along their route. They should check if they are good at covering severe weather, because an advanced warning can become a life-saver.

Getting caught in a tornado can be extremely scary if it’s just the open road ahead. But if the driver is prepared and always aware, then it can save him from injuries or even worse circumstances. He needs to be aware of what he is getting into, and how to protect himself. Then he will be much better off.

Trucking Safety

Trucking Safety


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