So you want to be a truck driver.


See the country and earn big money doing it.  Well there is more to it then what you think.  “It’s” a job first and foremost.  So there is a lot to think about before you decide truck driving is for you.  First do you really want to be away from home for two weeks at a time?  Driving eleven hours a day sometimes in heavy rush traffic.  Other times waiting to be loaded and unloaded for hours at a time. 

As far as seeing the beautiful countryside guess again your going to the industrial park.  Not to mention all the rules and regulations you must follow.  You can’t just park anywhere and go into the park to bird watch!  You will get a ticket if you park in the wrong place.  Everywhere you look is no truck parking, fines and towing fees can run into the thousands of dollars. Sometimes when your dog tired you can’t even find a place to park and sleep.   Other times the truck stops are full no parking available so no shower or food tonight.  Then the weigh stations and dot officers.  “If’ you’re not legal”, and sometimes if you are they will inspect every inch of your truck and paperwork. 

There can be fines and you don’t get paid for sitting around getting inspected.  Then there are also breakdowns  you don’t get paid for this with most companies and the ones that do pay you don’t pay much.  So in conclusion there is a lot to think about before deciding the trucker life is for you. There is a lot more than just what i have published today ask a trucker at your local truck stop. Most will be glad to answer any question you have.  Be safe out there and have a great day.


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