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Two similar petitions for rulemaking were originally brought in 2006 by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and Road Safe America (RSA) (accompanied by 9 motor carriers – Schneider National, Inc., C.R. England, Inc., H.O. Wolding, Inc., ATS Intermodal, LLC, DART Transit Company, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., U.S. Xpress, Inc., Covenant Transport, Inc., and Jet Express, Inc.). They are now being considered again.

Summary: The petition/proposal asks that all HD trucks (class 7 and 8) be fitted with a speed limiter set at 68mph. The limiter should be tamper-resistant. Whilst the ATA asked for this on all new trucks, RSA added that it should include retrofitting all vehicles manufactured since 1990.

This is important information from the Federal Register of Jan 3, 2011, where the speed limiter legislation petitions/proposals are recorded. The proposal is that:

1. All newly manufactured trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 26,000 pounds shall be equipped with an electronic control module (ECM) that is capable of limiting the maximum speed of the vehicle.
2. The ECM shall be set at no more than 68 mph by the manufacturer.
3. The ECM should be tamper-resistant, and should be designed in a way that does not allow the speed limiter setting on the ECM to be adjusted to let the vehicle exceed 68 mph.
4. Immediately upon the rule taking effect, manufacturers should be prohibited from setting the ECM speed limiter to a maximum speed of greater than 68 mph. However, this requirement should not take effect earlier than the effective date of a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule prohibiting vehicle owners or operators from setting the ECM speed limiter at a level greater than 68 mph for newly manufactured trucks.
5. The effective date for installation of a tamper-resistant ECM should be established with a period of time that will allow manufacturers to undergo a systems integration process. The change to the engine ECM may affect other devices on the vehicle; therefore, manufacturers need some time to ensure that the vehicle functions properly. ATA encourages the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to seek information from manufacturers to determine the length of time necessary to come into compliance with the rule.
6. An appropriate tolerance to accommodate variations in manufacturing, wear, and maintenance throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. For example, the same diameter heavy truck tire but with a different width and sidewall aspect ratio may have a 15-20 revolutions per mile difference which will affect the actual top speed of the truck with a governed speed of 68 mph. ATA recommends that any rulemaking pertaining to this petition reference SAE J678, J862, and J1226 Recommended Practices.
In addition to items similar to those in ATA’s petition, Road Safe America also included an item on retrofitting in its petition:
1. Every class 7 and class 8 commercial motor vehicle manufactured after the year 1990 shall be equipped with an electronic engine speed governor.

What are your Thoughts on this?  Are you for it or against it?



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