Stobart Group

Every truck driver spends so much time away from friends and family as they transport supplies to different towns, and while some people consider the job boring, many truckers find the work intriguing seeing as they get to visit different places and constantly meet new people. Besides, the job also comes with good pay, and this is just one of the other good things that truckers love about the job.

The Stobart Group is one of the haulage companies that have for long been popular among truckers, Stobart spotters, as well as other lorry spotters. Since its commencement, quite many drivers have worked for this firm which currently has 6000 employees. There are a lot more drivers who have been employed in different trucking companies, and even though the routes and conditions may vary between the haulage businesses, the life of a truck driver remains the unchanged; they all experience the same things every time they are out on the road.

Life on the Road

A truck driver can spend as much as three weeks on the road. The job is quite involving, especially for the long distance drivers, and this may make it hard to balance between work and family. For this reason, truck driving is a better option for a single person –someone who loves to travel, and has no children to worry about. However, this is not to say that there are no drivers with families, the success in keeping up with the two is all dependent on an individual’s commitment to getting things to work.

Unique Lifestyle

In essence, truck driving is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. You basically have to live in the truck and it becomes your home.Truckers have to learn to deal with this kind of life, otherwise things may get tough for them. This means that anyone who wants to get into this industry should also be prepared for this; it is not uncommon for a driver to spend as long as 11 hours on the road in a bid to make prompt delivery of particular goods.


Lorry drivers spend a lot of time alone on the road, and they only get to see people whenever they stopover to take a break, this is especially the case in long distance driving.However, with the short haul truck driving, truckers have a pretty normal life and they can be confident to get back to their homes every night. If you love travel and excitement but you still want to get back to your family every night, you would be better off with the short haul option.

Despite the challenges, truckers also have a really interesting life as they get to interact with new people every other time. Nonetheless, someone planning to get this kind of job should do it for the right reason. If you go into it only for the money, you may get disappointed; same case applies if you take up the job only to see different places.
Some Tips to Keeping Safe on the Road

• If you are already on the job, then you definitely know about the issues that every truck driver has to face. For instance, there are those times when you may get sleepy on the road, and this can be quite dangerous if you do not take time off. It’s essential to take a break to get your body rejuvenated. Meeting your deadline is good, but your safety is more important; don’t put everything at risk just to get to the next town.

• Fast food provides the most convenient option when you are out on the road, but even with this, you need to try to eat healthy. Remember, you are seated more than half the time, and eating unhealthy food may just make you gain excessive weight and later have to deal with some serious health problems. Thus, you have to Take plenty of water and exercise on regular basis.

About the Stobart Group

Born in 1929, Eddie Stobart is one of the individuals who came up with one of the most prominent trucking companies in Britain. His company started off under the name Eddie Stobart Limited, but was later branded the Stobart Group. Currently, one of his sons William Stobart serves as a Chief Operating Officer of the group which has a fleet of 2500 trucks, and also deals in making badges and spotting equipment for kids.

Right from the start, the trucks were given girls  names and painted in red and green colors, and this could just be one of the reasons why the group became so popular, seeing as the lorries were made pleasing to look at. The brand was very effectively promoted under Eddie’s stewardship where the drivers were required to wear ties while on the road. Together with the less intrusive image promoted, the smart image is one of the things that contributed to the large numbers of Stobart spotter the company presently has.

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