Swift Transportation Truck Driving Schools


Truck driving is one of those careers that is a virtual meal ticket. There will always be a job for those that can move cargo from one place to another; the job has evolved over time from simple carts and wagons to semi-trailers. Swift Transportation offers a number of options for those that wish to learn how to drive a truck, and eventually make money at it, starting at about $35,000. By attending one of the many available truck driving schools, one can easily be driving within a few months.

Truck driving schools take 207 hours over twenty-three days and can cost $3900. Under Swift, the tuition includes student housing, bussed transportation to and from the Swift Driving Academy, all study materials, and testing. It also includes a physical, drug screening, and all license fees. Although some truck driving schools are changing policies to require a Class A permit and a Department of Transportation medical card, those academies will waive the fees; the recruiter will let you know if the waiver applies to you. Swift will reimburse its drivers for the total cost of tuition over the first twenty-six months of employment. As not all Swift drivers go to Swift truck driving schools, Swift also offers a tuition reimbursement program which promises $5000 provided you become a full time company driver.

There are other paths of education. Drivers can drive as entry-level teams. They go through the regular six-week training program, and then go through a 4×4 program; they go through a four-week program with a trainer, and then get their own truck as a team, splitting the money earned, regardless of who happens to be at the wheel. Swift also offers free spouse training for all qualifying spouses; husbands and wives can drive together, and only one spouse needs to pay for the training.

For those with less than ninety days of over-the-road driving experience, Swift truck driving schools offer a mentorship program. The student driver earns $450 per week for the first four week, and $500 per week for the next two weeks. Once you have completed the six weeks, you are upgraded to “first seat” and receive the keys to your own truck and can drive solo for Swift Transportation. Students have the option of the gender of their mentors, although they may need to wait for when a mentor of the appropriate gender becomes available.

Swift Transportation offers truck driving schools in five locations throughout the United States. Once a driver graduates he can choose a terminal for his fuel, maintenance and repair services to make sure that his truck is kept in good repair. He can also decide on one of three comfort zones to ensure that he stays close to home. A Swift Transportation driver is therefore qualified to drive a truck anywhere in the United States and has the full support of the company. He is able to do his job confidently, and the client is able to hire the driver fully confident that he is dealing with someone who knows what he is doing.

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