How to Choose the Best Truck Driving School

  One of the most important decisions when the student wants to become a professional truck driver is choosing which truck driving training school he should enroll. There are thousands upon thousands of truck driving training schools throughout the country. Each of these training schools come with different programs. But as with any business, there […]

2013 Australian Trucking Industry Guide – How to Get a Trucking Job in Australia

  There are a lot of truck driving jobs in the Australian trucking industry. Even working as a dump truck driver in Australia can be very rewarding. It is a job that is not too physically demanding, but can pay up to 100,000 a year. If the driver happens to be a foreigner and is […]

2013 US Trucking Industry Report – The American Oil Industry

  How to Find an Oil Field Trucking Job? If you want a job that has high pay, then working in the oil field is a good idea. All over the world, you can find oil industry jobs with high salary. These jobs are always available in places with a rich amount of oil and […]

2013 International Trucking Industry News – Decline in Cargo Theft Incidents Becoming a Trend

Cargo theft is a type of economic crime that involves the taking of cargo without the owner’s consent. Cargo theft usually involves the three following criminal activities: Break and enter, motorcycle theft, and retail theft. It is an international problem that affects both consumers and businesses. In today’s global economy, raw materials that are being […]

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