Truck Stops

Origins of Truck Stops in the United States of America Truck stops are basically designated areas where truckers can go to find some of the most essential necessities of travel. In the United Kingdom, they are normally referred to as transport cafes. These act as filling stations for large trucks that travel over very long […]

Oct 2013 Trucking News — “Truckers to Shut Down America” Gathers More Than Just “Likes”

It’s the latest news in the US trucking industry and across various social media trucking networks — “Truckers to Shut Down America” will make its move through a massive convoy to Washington, D.C. on October 11 thru 13, 2013. The said three-day movement invites all truck drivers and supporters to let their sentiments be heard. […]

Cdl Training or a College Degree

Truck Driver Salary Vs A College Degree   Many people don’t really see the appeal of truck drivers or think much of them when they see them driving down the highway. The thing is, a truck driver salary is often higher than what most people who get a four year degree from a college or […]

Cobra CB 29 LTD BT With Bluetooth

Cobra is giving professional drivers one more way to communicate safely and easily with the first-ever CB radio with Bluetooth technology – the new 29 LTD BT. The Bluetooth feature allows drivers a better way to have phone conversations on the road because calls from a mobile phone are synched with the CB radio. A […]

Life Of Truckers In China

China Trucker Truckers in China often face many trials of both patience and endurance. While life on the road can be difficult for any trucker, those in China face many additional challenges that are unique to their country as well as those common to all in the industry. Most trucks found in China are owned […]

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