2013 Australian Trucking News — Concerns of Trucking Industry Authorities Over Truck Maintenance and Self-Regulation

A Cootes Transport crash last week has awakened concerns over Truck maintenance and Self-regulation. During the wake of the crash, maintenance accreditation and industry self-regulation were brought out.   If trucks were found failing on the regulations over safety on the roads, the community will lose its trucks over the industry, as emphasized by Stuart […]

2013 Australian Trucking Job Tips — Training and License Requirements for Truckers

Are you aspiring to become an Australian trucker? Here is some information you need to know in obtaining a truck driver’s license, the required training, and the requirements you should pass to obtain a truck driver’s license in Australia. Although the five states of Australia vary in the requirements and process of issuing truck driver’s […]

Immigrating To Australia: A Career Guide For American Truckers In Australia

The Information In the e-book will assist you in finding  employment in this lucrative industry! Click Here! Immigrating to Australia: A Career Guide for American Truckers in Australia Australia is a very big country but most of the population is located around the coastal region and the larger cities. However, the problem arises in the […]

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