How To Beat A Speeding Ticket Everyone want’s to know how to do this?  I’ve beat several in court so i know some secret’s.  I beat one ticket when the officer forgot who i was in court!  I beat another one with Arizona  reasonable, and prudent laws.  Look that law up on google you should […]


No truck parking sign in a huge empty parking lot!  Wow why would that be there?  “There is a big truck parking shortage in the USA”, and “it’s” getting worse.  “The federal government requires us to take a break”,  but does not provide enough parking!  “Shit happens”  so we can’t always find a proper place to sleep.  […]

“Diesel prices drop 4th week in a row”, Big oil stealing more of our dollars!!

Big oil stealing more of our dollars The national retail average fell for the week ending august 22nd.  Dropping 2 1/2 cents to $3.81 a gallon, according to the us department of energies information administration.  The biggest drop was in the central Atlantic region dropping 3.9 cents per gallon.  But the national average was still […]

World’s Most Dangerous Roads: Pan American Highway, Costa Rica

    Named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest Drivable roads, the Pan American Highway has its own share of dangerous sections too. The highway runs for over 30,000 miles cutting through the North and South American continents. Many competent truckers have made it from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to […]

A Truckers job

“A truckers job”  Entail’s driving  long hours away from home a lot”.  Dealing with traffic and all types of weather conditions.  Sitting long hours at a loading dock waiting to be loaded and unloaded!  “A trucker’s job”   eating junk food because you have no time to sit down and eat a proper meal.  “Dealing with the dispatcher’s […]

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