How To Beat A Speeding Ticket Everyone want’s to know how to do this?  I’ve beat several in court so i know some secret’s.  I beat one ticket when the officer forgot who i was in court!  I beat another one with Arizona  reasonable, and prudent laws.  Look that law up on google you should […]

How to Choose Your First Truck

How to Choose Your First Truck Years ago, the process of buying the right truck was fairly easy. There was a limited choice of manufacturers and options. However, a spike in demand for light, medium and heavy duty trucks drew several new manufacturers into the market. Their entrance has resulted in an explosion of new […]


Surprise Found in my Sleeper This happened in 2006 at the flying J in Winslow, Arizona.  I was doing a team run from phoenix to Columbus, Ohio.  I was sleeping when rob stopped to get some coffee.  He parked on the fuel island, and ran in to get a cup.  I was sleeping off a three […]

Final Hours of Service Rules Announced!

Yesterday the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced its long awaited changes to the driver hours of service rules. The new rules will be published in the Federal Register next week. There is a lengthy transition time as MOST OF THE NEW RULES WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED UNTIL JULY 1, 2013. While MMTA is still […]


Turn  right  on  the  unmarked  unpaved  dirt  road,  travel  4  miles  through  the  woods  until  you  see  the  paper  mill  on  your  right!  What?   “That was the directions that came across my Qualcom”,  one day back in 2003.   Needless to say I was hesitant to drive down that road in Illinois.  In the winter no […]

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