Apocalypse “How To Drive A Truck”

Apocalypse and you need to learn quickly how to drive a truck?   Here i will teach you just the basics to get the truck rolling.  The first thing find a truck then open the door, never mind if the tires are flat it’s an Apocalypse. Now after you’re in the truck adjust the seat […]

Final Hours of Service Rules Announced!

Yesterday the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced its long awaited changes to the driver hours of service rules. The new rules will be published in the Federal Register next week. There is a lengthy transition time as MOST OF THE NEW RULES WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED UNTIL JULY 1, 2013. While MMTA is still […]

Average Truck Driver Salary

The National Average Truck Driver Salary is higher than some people get with a four year College Degree! As you can see most truck drivers can earn the same salary as a four year college graduate!  Without the cost associated with a four year degree, and only a few months of training. I live in […]

“Extreme Truckers”

  JOBS IN THE OIL FIELDS”,  MIDDLE EAST AND ON THE ICE ROADS FOR EXTREME TRUCKERS. “These are some of the highest paying truck driving jobs in the world”, and if you want to earn big money these jobs are for you.  The “danger” is high and sometimes very remote driving where you will have […]


Big Brother is Watching You My company just installed new computer log’s in our truck’s.  With all the new rules and regulation’s this just add’s to the lack of privacy. Is this the face of trucking in the new century?  Everything we do is now recorded, and filed away somewhere in Washington.  We are loosing our freedom people, […]

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